Have you ever heard of a posterior baby?

Have you ever heard of a posterior baby?

Have you ever heard of a posterior baby? A posterior baby is definitely not preferable for labor. Posterior is when the baby’s back is facing your back and their arms and legs are facing out. Posterior babies can cause crazy back labor (pain in your lower back). Here are some ways you can tell if your baby is posterior:

🖤 You feel movement in every area of your belly. A posterior baby will have all their limbs facing out rather than in towards your spine. If you divide your belly into an imaginary four quadrants, notice if you feel strong movement in all four quadrants. If you do then the chances are that your baby is posterior.

🖤 Your belly has a somewhat flat shape. When the baby’s back and butt are towards the front that gives your belly a nice round shape. But when the baby’s back and butt are facing in (towards your spine) then your belly might look a little flatter.

One important thing to note is that a posterior baby CAN absolutely be born vaginally even if efforts to get them to rotate to an anterior position are unsuccessful. Labor just might take extra time and effort. And… I could go on and on about why babies might prefer a posterior position and how to correct it but let’s save that for another day. ✨

Was your baby posterior? I want to hear about it! 👇

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