6 C-Section Recovery Tips

6 C-Section Recovery Tips

Let’s talk: c-section recovery!!

Planned or not, c-sections come with a long recovery…because, you are healing from both birth AND abdominal surgery!

Today @MommysBundle and @CoddleDotCo are sharing tips for managing pain after a csection!

✅Pain Meds
First and foremost, one of the biggest preventative measures is simply keeping up with pain meds. Your provider will most likely prescribe Percocet along with Ibuprofen. Take them on schedule, as needed. Don’t wait until pain gets worse. Same goes for your stool softener to ease pressure with constipation after birth.

✅Incision Care
Next, keep the incision area clean and dry. This means showering daily — and just letting the water rinse over the area. Then pat dry with a towel or even using a blow dryer set on low heat to gently dry the area.

To help with scar tissue, you may want to gently massage 2-3 inches above and below your incision. This increases blood flow, prevents numbness and can speed up healing. Follow-up with your dr for specifics.

✅Take it easy
Your provider will advise you to avoid lifting anything heavier than baby. This also means, not lifting heavy loads of laundry, groceries or furniture. Leave that for someone else right now.

✅Lean to side for support
This is especially true when getting into and out of bed. Roll onto your side with your knees bent and use your arms to gently push body into sitting position. Get in a fully upright seated position before you stand.

✅Use a pillow
This is a favorite csection pain relief tip! Gently hold a small pillow over your tummy when sneezing, coughing, or laughing to ease the pain off of your abdominal muscles.

✅Find support
And most importantly, make sure you have extra support at home, those first few days and weeks during your recovery. You’ll need it for the everyday basics from cooking, cleaning and getting around. If you don’t have family or friends around to help, hiring a doula for extra care is a great option!

💥Remember, it may take time to feel like yourself again, but with patience and support you will get there! And if anything feels off, do NOT hesitate to call your provider!

👉 How was your csection recovery??

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  1. I had an unplanned c section. I was devastated. I wanted nothing more than to have a vaginal birth. However, I worked out during pregnancy (Crossfit and peloton). I feel like I am recovering nicely & hope I can get my body back to a nice postpartum place. Thank you for sharing.

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