5 Books To Read During Your Pregnancy

5 Books To Read During Your Pregnancy

We are sharing 5 books our community has recommended for moms to be. There is so much to learn during your journey to motherhood. Start off by reading the reviews below of these five pregnancy and motherhood books.

  1. Cribsheet by Emily Oster

Cribsheet, a new book by Emily Oster of Brown University, shows that in the hectic haze of parenthood an economist’s perspective can prove surprisingly clarifying . . . Parenting can be fraught. Cribsheet aims to help parents do better.” —The Economist

“Both refreshing and useful. With so many parenting theories driving us all a bit batty, this is the type of book that we need to help calm things down.” —LA Times

“The book is jampacked with information, but it’s also a delightful read because Oster is such a good writer.” —NPR

“Many parents will likely find reading it a huge relief from the scare stories that seem to pop up everywhere these days. The author, economist Emily Oster, burst into the parent-lit world with her 2013 hit Expecting Better which remains required reading for a certain set of pregnant parents. Oster repeats her ingeniously simple formula with Cribsheet: taking conventional wisdom and diving into the research behind it, often showing that “the studies” are thin or nonexistent, or their findings that have been overstated . . . Cribsheet is not another call for the end of helicopter parenting or snowplow parenting or whatever kind of parenting is lighting up social media today, and it’s not a call to overthrow medical wisdom; it’s a call for parenting with context, and it’s freeing.” —The Washington Post

2. Bumpin’ by Leslie Shrock


“A smart, approachable guide packed with practical advice for parents who want a science-backed, individualized approach to pregnancy.” 
-Linda Avey, Co-founder 23andMe

“We are leading our lives with more intention than ever before, and want to make informed choices based on research from people we trust. Leslie has distilled everything you need to know about pregnancy in one place in a warm, approachable way so you can feel confident, informed, and excited to make this important journey your own.”
-Jessica Rolph, Co-founder & CEO Lovevery

“Pregnancy can be a scary and confusing time with conflicting information coming from everyone you know… Bumpin’ by Leslie Schrock is a wonderful companion for moms-to-be. It covers it all, from eggs, ovulation, sex to pregnancy-friendly exercises and post-delivery recovery. It’s like chatting with your best pal, who happens to be super knowledgeable.
-Elena Epstein, Director of the National Parenting Product Awards

3. Baby Wise by Gary Ezzo


“From a pediatrician’s perspective, this is a sigh of welcome relief for sleepless, weary parents.”
         — DAVID BLANK, M.D. of LONGMONT, CO

“My introduction to On Becoming Babywise came over 20 years ago when a discerning member in my practice noticed my frustration with the growing numbers of fatigued mothers, fussy babies, and their sleep nights.  I was handed a set of audio tapes of this series.  Being profoundly impressed with the insightfulness and relevance  of the content, I began applying the principles in my practice. Word of mouth among our community has helped our practice grow exponentially.                        
–Dr. Jim Pearson, M.D.      Johnson City, Tennessee

“I am a practicing pediatrician and assistant professor of pediatrics.  Residents and new mothers I work with have found On Becoming Babywise overwhelmingly successful.  My residents report a positive difference in the confidence of new mothers who work with this plan compared to those who do not.  The freedom Babywise provides a new mother is so refreshing.   My parents become baby-wise with Babywise.”                                                        — Dr. Linda Meloy, M.D.   Richmond, Virginia

4. Expecting Better By Emily Oster

“A revelation for curious mothers-to-be whose doctors fail to lay out the pros and cons of that morning latte, let alone discuss real science. And it makes for valuable homework before those harried ob-gyn appointments, even for lucky patients whose doctors are able to talk about the rationale behind their advice.” New York Times

“A book . . . that pregnant women won’t want to miss.” Parents Magazine

“Emily Oster is the non-judgmental girlfriend holding our hand and guiding us through pregnancy and motherhood. She has done the work to get us the hard facts in a soft, understandable way.” —Amy Schumer

5. Bringing Up Bébé

“Marvelous . . . Like Julia Child, who translated the secrets of French cuisine, Druckerman has investigated and distilled the essentials of French child-rearing. . . . Druckerman provides fascinating details about French sleep training, feeding schedules and family rituals. But her book’s real pleasures spring from her funny, self-deprecating stories. Like the principles she examines, Druckerman isn’t doctrinaire.” —NPR

Bringing Up Bébé is a must-read for parents who would like their children to eat more than white pasta and chicken fingers.” —Fox News

“On questions of how to live, the French never disappoint . . . . Maybe it all starts with childhood. That is the conclusion that readers may draw from Bringing Up Bébé.” —The Wall Street Journal

“French women don’t have little bags of emergency Cheerios spilling all over their Louis Vuitton handbags. They also, Druckerman notes, wear skinny jeans instead of sweatpants.The world arguably needs more kids who don’t throw food.” —Chicago Tribune

“I’ve been a parent now for more than eight years, and—confession—I’ve never actually made it all the way through a parenting book. But I found Bringing Up Bébé to be irresistible.” —Slate

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