110 Things That Surprised Women About Pregnancy

110 Things That Surprised Women About Pregnancy

We asked our community what was something that surprised them about pregnancy. We received answers from dish plate sized nipples to skin tags. Continue scrolling to read all 110 experiences that are rarely discussed when it comes to pregnancy.

  1. Discharge and smell
  2. Super dark nipples and line on my belly
  3. The after birth cramping when your uterus shrinks back
  4. The part where I loved it
  5. Postpartum sleep deprivation
  6. Miscarriage
  7. How bad the heartburn was
  8. Sick for 9 months
  9. How much easier it was than postpartum
  10. How much more I loved my body
  11. Feeling mom guilt for second pregnancy
  12. Sciatica
  13. Skin tags
  14. The swelling
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15. Lightning crotch

16. Labor was not nearly as scary as I imagined. Postpartum was nothing I imagined, it was HARD

17. How hard it was to adjust when I slept in the third trimester

18. The constant hungover feeling without the joy of the alcohol the night before

19. Good lustrous hair

20. Pelvic pain

21. Teeth weakening

22. Severe acne

23. Varicose veins down there

24. Random nose bleeds every single day

25. How hard the 4th trimester was. Thought I was prepared, but there’s nothing like it

26. How much I loved it after the first trimester was over

27. “Morning sickness” all day

28. The tiredness

29. Going from A cups to DD

30. Skin tags

31. Sleepless nights

32. First trimester extreme exhaustion

33. That it was so easy compared to what I had heard!

34. How non-hormonal I was- way calmer than I expected

35. None of the baby kicks hurt

36. Moles changing

37. Never getting a “bump” could always tie my shoes

38. Constipation

39. How it impacts all ligaments

40. Being so sweaty .. everywhere!

41. The terrible rib pain from baby kicks

42. Strangers comment on your pregnancy everywhere you go

43. Stretch marks after baby

44. The mood swings

45. My leg hair totally stopped growing

46. Carpal tunnel syndrome

47. Conceiving triplets

48. Growing hair in my butt crack!

49. Dark and enlarged areolas

Image source: Instagram user kosogkaos

50. That you are uncomfortable from the start. Not just when you’re big!

51. How you feel like you don’t know your own body anymore

52. BO change is terrible

53. The debilitating anxiety I had

54. Hyperemesis gravidarum

55. New freckles and moles

56. The discharge! So many underwear changes daily

57. How painful your boobs get the first week!

58. Bleeding gums

59. Hemorrhoids

60. The insomnia

61. The amount of hair loss during postpartum

62. My HUGE nose and congestion

63. The gas and how it would sneak out

64. Going up a shoe size

65. Your dental insurance might get you an extra cleaning. Just have to ask

66. Dinner plate sized nipples

67. Back pain post delivery

68. You’ll start producing milk before baby gets here

69. Squishy labia

70. The moodiness

71. How dark my stomach got

72. Not being able to breathe normal

73. How exciting it is to see your belly grow

74. Acid reflux

75. Didn’t realize how paralyzing early child loss could be until I experienced it

76. Early braxton hicks

77. Diarrhea

78. Sore legs and Charlie horses!

79. Butt acne

80. The smell down there

81. Weird dreams at night

82. Restless leg syndrome

83. Varicose veins on vulva

84. How much I would miss being pregnant

85. Sweaty crotch

86. How lonely it can be mentally when enduring so many body changes

87. The baby blues

88. The judgement

89. Not being able to sleep on your side

90. Gas pains

91. Swollen feet

92. Extremely dark armpits

93. Shoe size grows and doesn’t go back

94. How much I loved my body and how I looked pregnant

95. Preeclampsia

96. How much/often you will cry over the silliest things

97. Prenatal depression

98. Enlarged vagina

99. Vivid dreams

100. Mastitis

101. The high intensity of smells

102. The food aversions

103. How beautiful I felt!

104. Gagging! I would literally gag while brushing my teeth

105. Belly button changing

106. Symphysis pubis dysfunction and how painful it is!

107. How annoying nice people can be

108. Itchy belly

109. Finger numbness

110. No symptoms

Image source: Instagram user kosogkaos

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Illustrations by: @Kosogkaos

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