What I Would Tell My Pregnant Self Now

What I Would Tell My Pregnant Self Now

Being pregnant is one of the most magical times of your life. Sometimes it may be difficult to live in the moment. Women share what they would tell their pregnant self now.

  1. Take the pictures
  2. Your baby will be ok
  3. Find beauty in it all, every day is a gift
  4. Don’t let your anxiety take away from your experience
  5. There’s so much beauty coming from this pain. You will survive this and it will be worth it.
  6. Workout
  7. Don’t worry
  8. Breathe, take in every moment and get the pregnancy pillow asap! Also, the stretchy pants
  9. If this is the last time you’ll be pregnant soak it all in. All the feels
  10. Don’t be afraid. You’re going to love being a mom
  11. Be proud of your changing body.. you have just made a beautiful human
  12. Everything is going to be ok
  13. Enjoy every single moment and take plenty of pictures of your belly
  14. That little baby in there is amazing and you’ll love her so much
  15. Enjoy it
  16. You’re going to love him so much! He’s perfect
  17. Not to be afraid. Everything will fall in place
  18. Be kinder to yourself. Show yourself more grace. You’re incredible and only getting started
  19. Sleep as much as you can
  20. Don’t be in such a rush for pregnancy to be over
  21. Give yourself grace
  22. Throw that birth plan out the window
  23. You’re going to be a great mom
  24. Enjoy as much as you can
  25. It’s not going to be the shit show you’re anticipating
  26. Take it easy and make yourself rest at times
  27. Let people help more when the baby is new
  28. Life will change but not in a scary way
  29. Be content.. be at peace.. whatever will be will be
  30. Keep moving and eating well! It will make you feel better
  31. It’s tough, but enjoy this time!
  32. Don’t just eat whatever you want
  33. Cherish this time in your life
  34. Get things done, be prepared for sleepless nights and meditation is key
  35. Relax; he’ll be fine
  36. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to breastfeed
  37. Everything is worth it!
  38. Read into postpartum care
  39. Don’t be scared and take the pictures. It will all be worth it
  40. Try not to worry so much
  41. It’s better than you can imagine
  42. Relax, nap and get frequent massages
  43. Always trust your gut instinct
  44. The nursery doesn’t need to be PERFECT before the baby comes
  45. You’ll miss your belly
  46. Have someone watch your toddler so you can sleep. Your body needs it
  47. Advocate for yourself with doctors
  48. You will fall in love even more with your partner seeing them as a parent.
  49. It will be so hard, but also so worth it to watch your baby grow
  50. Read more about life after birth
  51. Take it easy, the house doesn’t need to be spotless
  52. It’s not as scary as you think it will be
  53. Learn more about breastfeeding
  54. Book a pregnancy and newborn photography session
  55. Be kind to your body
  56. Document everything
  57. Make the most out of it just being you and your hubby
  58. Stop obsessing over your stretch marks. Your body is about to amaze you
  59. Yes, you can do everything yourself, but accept the offered help.
  60. Learn more about breastfeeding (if that’s your plan)’
  61. You don’t need every baby item
  62. You’ll forget almost all of the bad stuff instantly
  63. It’s ok to hate being pregnant, even though you had to do IVF. HG Sucks
  64. Spend more slow mornings with your partner
  65. No one can prepare you fully – situation is unique to you and that’s OK. Be calm and confident
  66. Pack the hospital bag earlier
  67. Giving birth isn’t as scary and terrible as it’s made out to be
  68. Take a good breastfeeding course. Make the freezer meals. Don’t stop working out
  69. Embrace your amazing body and don’t worry about the scale.
  70. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are making a human

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