March Baby Names

When looking for March baby names we were inspired by luck. March is such a special time of the year – it’s the ending of Winter and beginning of March. If you’re expecting in March and can’t decide on a new, we are hoping this list solves all over your naming problems!

March Baby Names

  1. Iris
    Meaning: Rainbow
  2. Felix
    Meaning: Happy, fortunate
  3. Asher
    Meaning: Fortunate, blessed, happy one
  4. Bennett
    Meaning: Blessed
  5. Ace
    Meaning: One, unity
  6. Jade
    Meaning: Stone of the side
  7. Felicity
    Meaning: Good fortune, happy
  8. Felice
    Meaning: Lucky
  9. Aries
    Meaning: A ram
  10. Ariel
    Meaning: Lion of God
  11. Chloe
    Meaning: Young green shoot
  12. Colette
    Meaning: People of victory
  13. Dylan
    Meaning: Son of the sea
  14. Emerald
    Meaning: Green
  15. Emmeline
    Meaning: Work
  16. Flynn
    Meaning: Son of the red-haired one
  17. Indigo
    Meaning: Indian dye
  18. Ireland
    Meaning: Land of abundance
  19. Leo
    Meaning: Lion
  20. Lila
    Meaning: Night; play
  21. Madison
    Meaning: Son of Matthew
  22. Marina
    Meaning: From the sea
  23. Patrick
    Meaning: Noble
  24. Seraphina
    Meaning: Fiery
  25. Violet
    Meaning: Purple

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