170 Rare Pregnancy Symptoms

Do you have something weird going on, but can’t find your rare pregnancy symptoms when searching on Google? We are sharing 170 weird and rare pregnancy symptoms women have experienced.

This list of rare pregnancy symptoms includes nosebleeds, chapped lips, turning toilet seats a different color, warts and much more.

  1. Eustachian tube disorder feels like I have a shell help up to my ear
  2. Extra earwax
  3. My feet would get soooo hot every night. Had to wear ice pack socks to bed
  4. My lips are so chapped!
  5. Itchy Skin
  6. Bloody nose
  7. Turned pelvic bone & severe low back pain starting at 8 weeks
  8. Warts on my hand
  9. Carpal tunnel
  10. Light headedness
  11. Extremely MEAN
  12. Insomnia every single night at 3 AM
  13. Feels like I have to barf but then I sneeze and feel better
  14. Nosebleeds
  15. Severe pregnancy eczema, couldn’t even wear pants at one point .. legs were covered
  16. Thumping noise in my left ear
  17. Tailbone cyst
  18. Crazy dreams
  19. Lots of back acne
  20. Sore throat
  21. Skin tags
  22. Mouth tasted like it was full of old pennies
  23. Migraine
  24. Whatever hormonal changes that make your toilet seat turn blue!
  25. Vivid dreams
  26. Skin tags
  27. Moles popped up out of nowhere
  28. Stuffy nose
  29. Itchy “down there”
  30. Pinched nerve pain at the top of my belly. Instantly went away after birth!
  31. Constant runny nose
  32. Headaches
  33. Beef and pork tasted rotten
  34. Eyelashes wouldn’t curl/stay curled
  35. Pimples
  36. Freezing couldn’t get warm
  37. Eczema
  38. A blood clot in my leg
  39. Vulvar varicose veins
  40. Charlie horses in my legs that were so aggressive
  41. So much excess saliva that it would make me vomit
  42. PUPPP rash
  43. Heart palpitations
  44. Insomnia – first few weeks
  45. Polyhydramnios – excess fluid. – feels like a washing machine
  46. Extra phlegmy!! = coughing and hacking all the time = everyone thinks you’re sick
  47. 10 cm ovarian cyst that needed to be removed by laparoscopy at 16+4 weeks pregnant
  48. The smell and taste of any meat made me extremely sick!
  49. Bruised rib
  50. Moles. Everywhere
  51. Intense itching! Turned out to be ICP
  52. Hated the taste of water
  53. Hair belly
  54. Runny/stuffy nose for months straight
  55. Loogies every morning
  56. Plugged nose for about 6 months
  57. Green poop right before I found out I was pregnant
  58. Blurry eyesight
  59. TMJ
  60. Cushing syndrome
  61. Skin tags! They went away a few weeks after baby was born
  62. Extreme aversion against broccoli
  63. Plantar Fasciitis
  64. Side of body and hands numb when waking up
  65. My leg hair stopped growing
  66. I know it’s not rare but people don’t talk enough about restless legs!!
  67. Severe vertigo
  68. Carpal tunnel and blocked nose
  69. Liver cholestasis itchy like crazy
  70. Terrible bloody noses
  71. Mystery bruises
  72. Pubic symphysis dysfunction
  73. Excessive drooling had to put a towel on my pillow at night to help
  74. Terrible gag reflex
  75. Itchy restless legs
  76. Adverse reaction to chocolate (which I LOVE)
  77. Tingling on ankles and feet
  78. Waking up every 2 hours and struggling to fall back asleep
  79. HG. So so sick. Smells and tastes so bad. I couldn’t eat anything. Lost 24 pounds. ER visits.
  80. Weird veins showing up all over my face
  81. Intense body itching and carpal tunnel! Never ever had either before or since
  82. Itchy armpits
  83. Pregnancy Rhinitis within unknown sinus infection for 2 months
  84. Blood blister on my lip
  85. Violent dreams, couldn’t eat certain foods
  86. Furry neck!
  87. Ingrown toenails
  88. Dry heels
  89. Appendicitis
  90. This may sound weird but I can tell because my pee smells different
  91. Stiff knuckles especially at night. They turn into crab claws because I can’t bend them
  92. Diarrhea
  93. My toenails started falling off
  94. Dry bloody nose
  95. Preeclampsia
  96. Pyogenic Granuloma on the bottom of toe. Bled so badly! Had to be cut and cauterized
  97. Bleeding gums
  98. Darkened underarms
  99. Lichen sclerosus
  100. Couldn’t stop sneezing
  101. Got more freckles
  102. Slept anytime all the time anywhere up to 20 hours a day all through the 9 months
  103. Tonsil stones
  104. Vomit every time I sneezed
  105. Bleeding right kidney
  106. Low blood platelets
  107. Chronic hypoglycemia
  108. Costochondritis. Couldn’t wear a bra and I cried every time I had to cough or sneeze
  109. Bronchitis
  110. I got bell’s palsy! It was horrible. Fortunately, it just lasted 3 weeks.
  111. Linea nigra extending down the back of my legs
  112. Bone spur in my wrist
  113. Migraines EVERY DAY for the first 5-6 months
  114. Turning toilet seat gray
  115. Lost mucus plug at 28 weeks but still carried to 41 weeks
  116. The best sleep ever, used to suffer from insomnia
  117. Not a symptom but I had 2 seizures and was diagnosed with epilepsy
  118. Snoring, neuropathy in feet, excess salvia
  119. Had an ovarian cyst rupture at 21 weeks, first pregnancy we were so scared
  120. Water logged ears but no water
  121. Extremely sensitive to light
  122. Seeing spots
  123. Can’t stop burping
  124. Hiccups every single day!
  125. Snoring so loud when asleep! It wakes me up
  126. Swollen kidneys, hurt to pee all the time
  127. Cystic acne IN my ears and on my earlobes
  128. Moderate severe cough for entire pregnancy
  129. Nose bleeds
  130. Greasy hair
  131. My leg and armpit hair nearly stopped growing
  132. Feet grew one show size larger
  133. DVT
  134. Trigger finger in all ten fingers
  135. Congested basically 24/7
  136. Chapped lips that won’t go away and the worse foot cramps!
  137. Yeast infection that lasted 4 months regardless of treatments
  138. Cholestasis of pregnancy
  139. Eyelashes stopped growing
  140. Post Nasal Drip
  141. Pulling sensation in my lower
  142. Tooth chipped out of nowhere
  143. Breast tissues in my armpit grows with my boobs. Engorged during 4th trimester
  144. Grew a benign tumor on the side of my cheek. Didn’t happen with second pregnancy
  145. Craving sand
  146. Hands felt like they were asleep/tingly for entire second half of my pregnancy
  147. Metallic mouth
  148. My teeth would bleed like crazy when I brushed
  149. Pre-covid – I lost my taste for the first trimester with one of my kids
  150. Gallstones. Had my gal bladder removed 3 months after giving birth
  151. Tendinitis in wrist- needed surgery!
  152. Hives on my feet
  153. Feeling winded
  154. Worsened depression symptoms
  155. Gingivitis
  156. I was insanely cold first trimester. Midwife and doctor had never heard of this, burnt through lots of firewood
  157. Chlorine allergy
  158. Passed out at 6 weeks because my blood pressure dropped so low
  159. Curly hair
  160. Breaking out on my chin
  161. Eye twitch
  162. Gagging every time I brush my teeth
  163. Tender belly skin, literally hurt to touch
  164. Upper lip sweat. Never had it before. Darn hormones
  165. Really bad shoulder pain
  166. Nipple vasospasms
  167. Pain in my belly button
  168. Cyst on my tailbone
  169. Intense craving for baking soda
  170. Chronic yeast infections

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