We’re Adopting Again!

We’re Adopting Again!

by Kenzi Reddick

Austin, Lane & I have some pretty BIG news to share & when better to share than on #worldadoptionday – WE’RE ADOPTING AGAIN! I can’t even put into words how anxious, overwhelmed, emotional & excited we are to grow our family by 2 more feet, & for Lane to become a BIG BROTHER! With every conversation about having more children, God has continued to lead our hearts away from fertility treatments & in the direction of adoption. I truly believe this is our calling. We are currently in the thick of our homestudy (the required legal approval process) & we hope to be approved and an “active” waiting family by the end of the year! We covet your thoughts & prayers as we walk boldly down the long road that lies ahead of us. We also ask that you pray for our son or daughter’s birth mama, whose path will someday soon cross ours. The one who will selflessly decide to make the ultimate sacrifice & say YES to adoption. There’s no denying that Lane healed the most broken parts of me & I thank God everyday we were chosen to love & raise him as our own. I love him with the deepest depths of my soul & no amount of DNA could ever change that. We seriously are so overjoyed to be here in the wait, AGAIN & we are excited you are (virtually) walking in this journey alongside us.

Here’s to bringing home baby Reddick number TWO!

If you know of someone pregnant & considering adoption, we would love to connect with her. We will be using this email for all adoption communication moving forward. Please share as you feel led – we will forever be grateful thereddicksadoptagain@gmail.com . [Photo creds to the incredible @kaylajeanphotowho made our family photo dreams come true!] ”

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