Tips For Working From Home


1. Maintain Regular Hours. A structured schedule including when you start, take pauses, and finish. The guideline can also be structured in sections: when you handle phone calls, when you handle emails, and when you dedicate time to a specific project. This said, remember you are working from home, so you’ll be able to overall be more flexible. But structure will help.

2. Get dressed, wash your face, do your morning routine. It will make you feel refreshed and be on a more productive work-mode. Yes to being cozier, but no, don’t wear PJs all day.

3. Create a space dedicated just for your work. If you don’t have an office room, create an office corner in your living room, or even on the dining room table. Don’t stay in bed or work in the couch. And don’t set up your office space in your bedroom, bedrooms are a sacred space to sleep and relax.

4. Include things that add to your productivity around you, like a scented candle or essential oil diffuser with scents to focus such as lavender, rosemary, lemon, cypress, peppermint… If you are pregnant lavender is a safe one) good lighting, fresh air, flowers, and a cup of something healthy and refreshing or warm to sip!

5. Put your phone aside. Unless you do work on your phone – then mute all notifications such as text messages, that may distract you often. If it is not temporary, consider getting a separate work number.

6. Schedule breaks and what you’ll do: have a smoothie, play with my kids, make + eat lunch, call a friend on facetime, go for a walk, workout… If you know exactly what you’ll do during the break, it will also be easier to be productive versus turning on the TV and un-motivating yourself.

7. Have to-do lists that will help you get to work!

8. End your day with a routine too. Don’t work ALL day just because you are working from home. Have the set work schedule we mentioned in point 1, and also know when you are DONE and have a routine: nighttime skincare routine, cook, go out with friends/facetime, spend quality time with your family, read, watch a movie, etc

Is working from home recently new to you due to #Coronavirus? Are you having any specific challenges?

Breastfeeding Shaming in the Work Place

“Something that doesn’t get talked about a lot is breastfeeding shaming. Not the “cover it up!” kind but the working mom kind. When my maternity leave ended I was left with the daunting task of returning to work full-time. I’ve been pumping at work for almost 6 months and I still get a knot in my stomach on the drive to work. “What will this shift hold?” “Will I have time to pump?” “Will I leak on my scrubs again?” Surprisingly, pumping at work is not something that is widely welcomed or supported.

Comments I’ve gotten from my male + female coworkers go like this: “I wish I was breastfeeding so I could take a break whenever I wanted”; “Oh yea, there she goes ‘pumping’ again” (with fingers in quotation marks); “What took you so long?!” (Never mind the cleaning of 6-8 pump parts, transfer of milk to storage, and waiting outside a pump room since there are only 2 for the entire hospital); and my favorite: “It must be nice getting to take all those breaks. Maybe I should have a baby”. (Yet some shifts are so busy I only get to pump once in 13 hours.) Something I don’t quite understand is that women simultaneously receive comments such as “You’re breastfeeding RIGHT? Because that’s so much better for the baby” and “Yea, she only breastfed for a month. You’re not lazy like her”. (Like seriously?!) Yet when they do breastfeed they experience so much backlash and negativity. This is one of the many double standards mothers are held to.


So the next time someone mom shames you at work remember this: One day you’ll walk into work and your job won’t need you anymore. But your baby always will.”

instagram: @sarahdemetriouu

Unmedicated Water Birth

“Our second pregnancy was unexpected and surprising. The more I begin to bond with my belly the more thrill I had become to meet my baby, especially for Anora to meet her new baby sister. I always wanted to do a unmedicated water birth in the comfort of my own home with my first pregnancy but didn’t educate myself enough to go through with it. I knew during my second pregnancy I was going for it because in my heart this is what I wanted. I was able to prepare myself mentally and physically and most importantly surround my self with an amazing support team.


We hired doulas 37 weeks into my pregnancy once we discovered my partner may be absent during my labor. Week 39 arrived and the next day I was experiencing cramps, my partner had taken off for work but would be back in three days. I knew my body was going into labor from all the cramping. On Tuesday morning surges were becoming more frequent and stronger. I was able to cope through it with breathing techniques I learned from a hypnobirthing course I had taken. Thank god for that! I had just put Anora to bed, I knew baby was hours away from arriving. I was on and off facetime with my partner updating him. I had already prepared myself mentally, knowing he might not be with us. I was pretty calm.


I contacted my doulas around 5 am the next morning when I needed more support to get through each surge that was coming in every six minutes and they arrived shortly after. At 8 am it was time to call my midwife when my surges became four minutes apart. She arrived around 9 am followed by my sister and my best friend Amanda. I was 6 cm dilated by then more than halfway there, I was relieved. I was surrounded by love, I felt strong, brave and comfortable. I had to be strong for myself and baby and to show Anora mama could do it. She and I were going to get through this together. She was there visualizing everything that was going on, somewhat confused but knew something was happening. She would come upstairs and check on me from time to time. My sweet baby girl helped keep me together every time I glanced at her precious face.


By 7.5 cm dilated I finally emerged my self into the birthing tub, the warm water provided immediate relief. Rocking back and forth listening to piano instrumentals and letting my body float. Once Anora saw me inside the tub she insistently wanted to come in too. I held her in my arms for a moment as I cried letting all the emotions out. My water still has not broke and getting to 10 cm started to feel long. My body started to feel restless, I was exhausted and the surges were intense by then. I decided to have my midwife break my water at 9cm. Thereafter, it was time she was coming I felt lots of pressure, I was extremely vocal moaning and groaning. I got up from the bed and instantly dropped down to my hands and knees trying to cope through the surge right before I emerged myself back into the tub.  Fifteen-minute after, my body began to nudge my baby down. Babe was on Facetime, and everyone else was in the room surrounding me with love and positive energy. I climbed back into the tub and during each surge, I’d get my knees under me to feel more grounded as I breathe my baby down. In between, I went back to floating releasing any tension. As the third surge approached, I reached down felt my baby’s head and pulled her up to my chest. I glanced around the room, looking up to my sister and Amanda with tears in their eyes- I announced it was a girl. Anora was by my side the whole time her emotions were heartwarming. Babe was still on facetime, though he was not there physically I felt him in my heart. I felt empowered and in control. The most encouraging, magical, and amazing experience. I did it I birthed baby Alya all by myself, I felt beyond proud!”

Instagram: @kaysierraa

A Letter to the Mum to Be

“To the mum to be… I know.


I know your feet are hurting and also your back.


I know it’s hard to walk so now you waddle.


I know it’s impossible to get comfy at night and your bladder wakes you up at 1/3/4am.


I know that you may feel lonely sometimes and cry when no ones watching.


I know that you may be scared of what’s to come and your anxiety will take over.


I know your clothes don’t fit anymore and putting on your shoes is a task.


I know you may be craving that extra strong coffee or large glass of wine.


I know your waiting ever so patiently but can’t help thinking “is today the day”.


I know you’ve re-packed your hospital bag 100 times.


I know your panicking about what you have or haven’t got for when baby comes home.


I know you NEED that ever so weird craving no matter what time of day/night.


I know you talk to your baby and massage your bump.


I also know that soon, very soon, the day will be here and you will be speaking to your baby whilst looking in their eyes and yo won’t believe they are actually here.

Everything you have been planning will all be worth it. Your whole world will change and you will become this super protective and loving mother. Nothing else in the world will compare and you will feel happiness like no other.

So to all the beautiful mums and bumps out there… YOU GOT THIS 💪🏼💫

Instagram: @lifeof_amberrose


Multitasking Mom

“Four weeks deep into this new season.
While my days have been blurred into one and the nights feel like they’re never ending, I can’t possibly begin to describe the whirlwind that these weeks have been. I’m rocking the ‘what’s the point of wearing clothes when I’ll end up soaked in milk again’ look and I can count on my digits the amount of minutes I’ve left the house for. I can confidently say that all of the multitasking I scolded myself for doing in the past, was in fact the perfect practice for making me a twin mama (ain’t no slow living happening over here in the near future)

Never have I felt so stretched, out of my depth, out of breath, exhausted, amazed, fulfilled, in love, frustrated, vulnerable and content, all at the same damn time.

I’m very much feeling like a first time mum again. Having to learn everything all.over.again, having to adjust to two different souls, two different personalities, two completely different babes in every single way.

I’ve had my days where I’ve nailed it, days where I have the washing done, folded AND put away in the same day (what?!), and moments where I’ve needed to remind myself of my own belief that people are only dealt what they can handle; the universe strangely believes I’m cut out for this and so I shall be ✨.”

Instagram: @daniloxton

No Hospital Visitors

 “I didn’t have visitors come see us at the hospital, and I don’t know why it took me birthing four children to figure this out.

For 32 hours, minus the 2 hours my husband brought the kids to meet their baby brother, I sat in a quiet room completely submerged in the precious first moments with the life we created and brought into this world.

It was peaceful. It was happy. It was lovely.

My nurses kept asking where our family lived… it was obvious they were use to full recovery rooms also. You could see it in their faces each time they entered my room. “Wow, it’s quiet in here.” “Yes,” I would smile peacefully. “My home is very different,” I would laugh.

Unlike my other births, I didn’t have to spend my first moments as a new mother passing my baby around to those who were eager to meet him and whom I was eager to share him with. Unlike my other births, I didn’t have to feel like I was entertaining from my hospital bed when all I wanted to do was close my eyes. Do not get me wrong though, those experiences were special and full of love as well. Being surrounded by your family and friends during happy times is something to be treasured.

My baby is now two weeks old. All the visitors that would have been at the hospital have met him. Some several times. It wasn’t that I didn’t want them to meet him. Of course I did. It was that I wanted my moments. My moments that I know go all too fast. My moments that would be my first and last.

Whether you want a full room, a few close people, or a quiet intimate room…. be sure it is what you want. Those moments are so precious. Share them if you wish. Sit in them and soak them up with your husband if you wish. Be selfish with your time if you wish.

I will forever treasure those magical, quiet first moments with my last baby.”

Instagram: @mimosaswithmoms 

Instagram vs. Reality

“Behind every beautiful newborn is a mama… A mama who feels like she has been hit by a car. Instagram can be deceiving. Margo has been amazing with Sage, Mason has been an incredible dad, and I am so in love with my little family that I cry about it… a lot (ask Mason 😂). What I have shared is how amazing my scheduled c section was. How I wasn’t tired holding Sage for the first time and how in love with her I am. What I didn’t share is how I wanted to take a nurse home with me. How I couldn’t get out of bed alone for days. And how I still had to take care of a newborn and feed her every 2.5 hours no matter how bad I felt. My cut is prob about 6 inches long (it will get smaller with time), I look 4m pregnant, and I’m covered in spit up and boob milk/a soaked T-shirt 24/7. I can barley lift my toddler and had to wear a huge pad that Margo called my “diaper” lolllll. I don’t want to be fake on Instagram and make it seem like having a newborn or a c section is a walk the park… because it’s not. But I know I will miss these moments and look back and smile because I won’t think about the “hard times”.”

By: @alex_a_jeffrie

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

”I’ve decided to share what’s going on in my head on my feed where other mama’s who are going through what I am can come to and read through!

I’m so torn between a VBAC which I was SOOOO set on having since finding out I was pregnant. That’s why I decided to go with a midwife this time around, in hopes to have the support I need to go ahead with the vbac and feel amazing about it.

But after the last few weeks watching birthing videos, reading stories etc. It has me freaking terrified. Like, I know our bodies are meant to do this BUT the thought of a head squishing through my vajayjay just makes me so freaking scared. The thought of going through labor again and all the pain and emotions that come with it, to have it end in a c section again freaking terrifies me.

But not being able to still be the mom I am to Presley while recovering from a c section also scares the living daylights out of me and is my major push for a vaginal delivery….

Basically I’m just so confused and can use any words of encouragement or to hear your birthing stories to help me feel like I can or can’t do this! Ahhh!

So please share them below for other mama’s who are feeling how I am can come back to and read!”

By: @stephamberlynn

Why Embryo Adoption/Donation?⁣

“Why embryo adoption/donation?⁣

I’ve had so many people ask me this. Here is a little insight to why and an update on our journey. ⁣

Struggling with infertility lead us to answers that we desperately didn’t want to hear. The same day we found out our IVF cycle failed we found out my husband had stage 3 colon cancer. We tried banking sperm before chemo but it was too late and found out all 22 embryos were abnormal… hence zero frozen and a failed cycle. Thanks PCOS & MFI.⁣

Adoption was something we were both interested in (we have watched our close friends adopt a child-and has touched my heart in ways I didn’t think was possible.) I also still want to experience all the feels with pregnancy. Then of course the financial part…. we would have to wait at least three years to save up money to adopt an infant. (Thanks to Dave Ramsey).⁣

I feel weird saying we were lead to embryo adoption (so cliche) but we were! Last year consisted of praying, crying, surgeries, chemo, crying and more praying. We also grieved that we weren’t going to bring our DNA into this world. Our first  embryo donor match fell through and crushed us. ⁣

But you know what!!! HE (aka: the man upstairs) shows up and showed up for us! It only took our current donor (aka: Fellow TTC sister/bestie) THREE times of her offering the unmeasurable gift of embryos to us… it’s now so clear to me that this is Why we had to go through all the heartache. Why in the hell didn’t I accept her offer the first time she offered? Honestly, I didn’t want to ruin our friendship but thankful she was persistent!⁣

To give someone the gift of life and the chance at parenthood is unbelievable-It literally leaves me speechless. March 27th is when they will be signing and transferring the ownership of their four beautiful embabies to us. I can’t believe it. They worked their ass off for those embabies and to give them to us. WOW! Yes, I know we still have a long road with many milestones to overcome but I’m choosing happy thoughts only.” ⁣praying4babyando

Are you currently on a donor journey or starting one soon? 👇”

featured on @the.ivf.warrior

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