Pregnant and Proud of My Belly

“Over the last 6+ months I’ve received a ton of questions from people asking me about my body. A lot of those centered around my once very shredded midsection – “are you freaking out about losing your abs?” or “are you worried your abs/body won’t come back?”


The answer is a hard NO. I’ve always been an advocate of a healthy lifestyle and loving your body for what it is capable of. Talk to any of my clients and they’ll tell you, the focus is always on getting stronger, faster and healthier and loving those changes… the rest will fall into place in time.


Right now my focus is having the healthiest pregnancy I possibly can and doing what’s best for Baby L. Even before pregnancy you would never see me doing multiple workouts per day, I always took at least 2 full days off and I never restricted my diet.


Embrace and love your body! And cheers to this beautiful belly growing and nourishing a new life! I’m beyond obsessed with it.”

Instagram: dagmaralometti

Infertility by Elise

“Infertility is one of those words you hear tossed around a lot. Everyone knows someone who has had a difficult time starting a family. Because of that, the severity of infertility is often lost because of the sheer fact that so many people are effected by it. To those who haven’t dealt with infertility themselves (or has seen someone up close and personal deal with it), you may not fully understand the grueling emotional, physical, spiritual and mental toll it takes on you. The hopelessness, loneliness and devastation that women and men feel at the hands of infertility is no joke. And it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Those who battle infertility are often seen with smiles on their faces in public, but suffer tremendously behind closed doors. In a world where an emphasis is highly placed on when you’re going to get pregnant, pregnancy announcements, gender reveals, raising perfect children, documenting play dates, baby boutiques, mommy bloggers and exuding motherly perfection, those who are unable to participate in those things are constantly reminded of so.

Be kind and considerate when discussing your pregnancy and/or children. 1 in 8 couples faces infertility. 61% are facing it silently. I am 1 in 8. Although I am now a mother to my beautiful Ezra, infertility will always be a part of my past and my future. Because of that, I will always be hurt by insensitive comments.

To those of you suffering, you are not alone. I know your pain. You have a tribe of women and men who are here for you. Who are rooting you on. We will have faith for you when your faith has run out. It is my greatest hope and prayer that every person who desires to be a parent has the opportunity to do so. Keep moving forward. Surround yourself with positive people. Do what you need to do to protect your happiness. Cry when you feel like it. Be angry. Be frustrated. But never, ever, ever give up. As ugly as infertility is, I promise that a beautiful life is ahead of you. ❤️❤️❤️


Never Gave Up Hope

“Our family is so excited to announce that we are expecting baby #2 after 3 years of trying and never giving up hope! After the loss of our identical twins at only 10 weeks, it was extremely difficult for my wife and I to move forward. We were scared and confused. What if it happened again? What if we never got pregnant again? I remembered we shared that taboo topic with friends and had received so much support from people who had experienced a miscarriage in the past. Their stories were inspiring, uplifting and encouraging. We weren’t alone in this world. We held on to that. Months passed and nothing was happening. We questioned each other. Then, our son had some questions too. Mommy, Daddy, can I get a little brother or sister? But little did he know, we have been trying and trying. Any hint of pregnancy, my wife bought another First Response Pregnancy Test. We desperately wanted another baby. At one point, we said to each other, maybe we’re only suppose to have one child. January 2019, while I was on a video call with my illustrator to discuss my next children’s book, my wife whispered my name. I looked. She was shaking, in tears, holding one of the many pregnancy tests. I already knew what that meant. “Are you fking serious?” I cried, squeezing her tightly before looking at the results. She was pregnant with our baby. For the past few weeks, we kept it a secret because we had to be sure this time. Today, we had our 12 week ultrasound check up and the doctor told us that our baby is looking great. We are content and excited for this new journey. October 10th 2019, we can’t wait to meet our baby girl or baby boy.”

Instagram: @arnoldhenry

Rainbow Baby Scares

“I’m pregnant with my rainbow baby after miscarrying in June of this year. This experience has been so different than with my first, my 16mo old son. after loss, pregnancy doesn’t feel the same. it’s scary, it’s full of anxiety and fear. Hoping you make it another week of growing this sweet babe. We received some scary news at our anatomy scan at 19wks. chances of cystic fibrosis, kidney disease/ bowel infection or down syndrome. We felt so broken. All we want is for this sweet boy to be healthy. We did a lot of genetic testing after that, and we prayed. A LOT. surrounded ourselves with family and tried to let faith overcome our fear. We were more than blessed to hear our testing came back completely normal and our baby is healthy. Everyday has new challenges, missing the baby we lost, but each day we feel more joy knowing that THIS baby was chosen for and gifted to our family. We can’t wait to just have him in our arms and know he’s safe and sound 🖤 14.5 weeks left until he’s here!”

Instagram: @emkantarevik.eak

Second Child

One of the most frequentIy asked questions I get is ‘I’m scared. How could I possibly love another child as  much as my first born?’ Let me tell you… I was too. 🙋🏼‍♀️I remember the nights I’d choose stressing over bringing another baby into this world over sleep.. (that and pregnancy insomnia 😂) The days leading up to giving birth I would sit in Zyla’s room watching her sleep and just cry… mourning these last moments of just the two of us.. (I pretty much continued to cry until the moment I gave birth 😅) I remember feeling ashamed & embarrassed that I couldn’t yet comprehend my ability to simultaneously love both children…..❤️Then it happened.. That moment. The moment  you hear that little cry for the first time, touch those little hands & feel then laying on your chest, and it all made sense. I understood that your heart does not remain the same! It doubles. It’s not about loving them ‘equally’ but loving them both wholeheartedly. I understood that this was exactly how it was meant to be. Zyla walked in the room and met her brother for the first time (cue crying 😭😭😭) & every doubt, every negative thought I had while pregnant was what didn’t make sense anymore . It is sometimes  hard to find the right words to explain such an overwhelming feeling and experience & I can assure you that you will still have these small doubts regardless of what anyone says… But I promise that moment will come & all of a sudden it will all make sense ✨…. (Then instead you’ll be asking if you’re a horrible mum because you love  whichever one is sleeping better at the moment 😉 ) 

Instagram : @stephluck

Cancer & Surrogacy: Lottery Baby

“At the age of nine, I lost all chances of carrying a pregnancy due to ovarian cancer. I was told that I’d win the lottery twice before ever having a biological child. Sixteen years post hysterectomy, our fertility specialist harvested 33 eggs from my single ovary and one of my childhood best friends offered to carry for us. Within two weeks of learning we were expecting twins, we lost our Baby B. My world stopped. I was never able to have children, then I had two, and quickly had to give one of them back. My heart was shattered. How do you balance the love for one twin while your heart aches for the other? In February 2019, our surrogate delivered the most beautiful baby boy. As soon as I laid eyes on him, I knew he was mine and somehow he always knew me. I won the lottery. “ 📸

Photograph by @stephanie.n.baker

Brain Cancer Can’t Stop Babies

“Several months ago we found out my husbands brain tumor had grown back.. a fear we’ve been living with for the past 5 years since he was diagnosed with a grade 2 astrocytoma. Doctors then proceeded to tell us that treatment would include another surgery followed by chemo and radiation – nearly diminishing our chances of ever having another baby naturally. It was then we decided that cancer wouldn’t control us and began trying, hoping that with a little bit of time we could potentially fall pregnant. When it didn’t happen the first month, I felt down. When it didn’t happen the second month my spirits became a bit broken – I started to realize that our dream of having two kids may not play out exactly how we wanted. Soon enough Christmas passed and I began feeling tired. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t break it. Then came my favorite, vomiting all day. Sure enough I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. When I told Jacob tears rolled down his face. Despite all the bad news we’d received we knew that bringing a new life into this world was the greatest gift. As I write this we prepare for another brain surgery in 2 weeks. I’m scared for what’s to come but we’ll never let this cancer control our lives. I love my husband more than words, more than life. This little rainbow girl gives us such hope 🌈🎀”

Instagram: @life.beside.hudson

Love At First Sight

“My entire pregnancy I would find myself having break downs over not being ready for the impending baby and the closer and closer I got to having Edwin, the more scared I became. I never found myself overjoyed or excited like I felt I was “supposed to” and even when I felt the baby kick, I thought it was cool, but I still never felt a connection to my pregnancy that I thought I was meant to. Everyone in my life assured me that as soon as I held my baby in my arms everything would change, but I was in such a dark place I couldn’t see how that was even remotely possible. Thankfully, no matter how many times I shared my fears and broke down in front of my husband, he supported me. Luckily, in my case, everyone who told me my feelings would change as soon as I saw my baby were completely, 100% right, and pregnancy ended up being the hardest part of my motherhood journey thus far. As soon as I laid eyes on my sweet little Edwin, I felt the overwhelming weight I carried for so long lifted off my shoulders and nothing but love was left in my heart.”

Instagram: @theblondielocks

Photo by: @candaceberryphotography

Rainbow 🌈 Babies

“My rainbow babies, Evelyn and James! I had a miscarriage last January after trying to get pregnant for over a year and after surgery for endometriosis. I knew even before I got pregnant with the twins that I wanted to do a shot like this when/if I got pregnant again to honor that first baby. I never would’ve dreamed this picture would be taken with twins, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. 

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Photo by: @ellabellaphotography

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