Daniella’s Birth Story

“My Labour & Birth Story 
40 weeks and 3 days pregnant
It all started on January 26th at 4am, I stood up to go to the bathroom and a massive gush of water just came out. Mind you I hadn’t slept yet that night, David and I decided to play video games and snack on food. So I freaked out not expecting this to happen at that time. Rang up birthing unit and was told to come in for a check and yes my waters did break. Due to baby having done a poo inside the waters were discoloured and that was a concern for them as I was still not even dilated a single bit. They decided to induce me to speed up the process hoping it would help. They came to check me every 4 hours and I had made no signs of progress. I wasn’t dilating as much as they would like me to. Pain was getting intense but dilation and cervix wasn’t improving at all. So I asked for an epidural, that definitely helped take the edge off the pain completely and to let me rest due to not having slept that night as it is. 16 hours later I had only dilated to about 3cm so the induction wasn’t helping at all to get baby out quicker. Doctor came in and told me due to the long period of time waiting for some progress that it wasn’t going to happen. Also that baby was hitting her head in my pelvis due to the fake contractions and she was trying to of course come out but my body just wasn’t allowing it to happen. Also as she was head down but not faced the right way she was hurting her head and also being on the bigger side that a natural birth wasn’t a possibility anymore and I had to head to theatre for an emergency/unplanned c-section and let me tell you I was a nervous wreck. I couldn’t stop shaking. I have never had an operation before let alone being awake for one. I was so excited knowing I was about to see my little girl but so nervous for what I was about to experience. During the c-section I was that exhausted I was drifting off and had to snap out of if it many times, during the time they were about to deliver Ariella I began to be sick and as I was already out of it I started to drift of and my eyes were closing whilst being sick. David literally said he got so worried he just thought the worst. Then became alert again after they had given me medication straight away to ease me up from feeling unwell and next thing I knew little miss was on my chest 8:40pm that night she was born, it was so quick that I already missed her. She went off with dad whilst I got stitched back up, ended up unwell again having to have another dose of medication. I mean feeling your insides being pushed around wasn’t ideal at all. 
Off to recovery I went and then reunited with my little angel. Hardest night I had to face in so much pain and shock and few days followed I was still the same and I am still trying to recover. It is one of the hardest yet most rewarding and worth it experience i have ever endured. 
I still can’t believe I am now a mother to a beautiful little girl, Ariella 💓“

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