Second Child

Second Child

One of the most frequentIy asked questions I get is ‘I’m scared. How could I possibly love another child as  much as my first born?’ Let me tell you… I was too. 🙋🏼‍♀️I remember the nights I’d choose stressing over bringing another baby into this world over sleep.. (that and pregnancy insomnia 😂) The days leading up to giving birth I would sit in Zyla’s room watching her sleep and just cry… mourning these last moments of just the two of us.. (I pretty much continued to cry until the moment I gave birth 😅) I remember feeling ashamed & embarrassed that I couldn’t yet comprehend my ability to simultaneously love both children…..❤️Then it happened.. That moment. The moment  you hear that little cry for the first time, touch those little hands & feel then laying on your chest, and it all made sense. I understood that your heart does not remain the same! It doubles. It’s not about loving them ‘equally’ but loving them both wholeheartedly. I understood that this was exactly how it was meant to be. Zyla walked in the room and met her brother for the first time (cue crying 😭😭😭) & every doubt, every negative thought I had while pregnant was what didn’t make sense anymore . It is sometimes  hard to find the right words to explain such an overwhelming feeling and experience & I can assure you that you will still have these small doubts regardless of what anyone says… But I promise that moment will come & all of a sudden it will all make sense ✨…. (Then instead you’ll be asking if you’re a horrible mum because you love  whichever one is sleeping better at the moment 😉 ) 

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