Instagram vs. Reality

“Behind every beautiful newborn is a mama… A mama who feels like she has been hit by a car. Instagram can be deceiving. Margo has been amazing with Sage, Mason has been an incredible dad, and I am so in love with my little family that I cry about it… a lot (ask Mason 😂). What I have shared is how amazing my scheduled c section was. How I wasn’t tired holding Sage for the first time and how in love with her I am. What I didn’t share is how I wanted to take a nurse home with me. How I couldn’t get out of bed alone for days. And how I still had to take care of a newborn and feed her every 2.5 hours no matter how bad I felt. My cut is prob about 6 inches long (it will get smaller with time), I look 4m pregnant, and I’m covered in spit up and boob milk/a soaked T-shirt 24/7. I can barley lift my toddler and had to wear a huge pad that Margo called my “diaper” lolllll. I don’t want to be fake on Instagram and make it seem like having a newborn or a c section is a walk the park… because it’s not. But I know I will miss these moments and look back and smile because I won’t think about the “hard times”.”

By: @alex_a_jeffrie

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