Pregnancy, Labor & Birth

Pregnancy, Labor & Birth

“Tired mama? Me too. We’ve spent the last nine months worrying about so many things. Periods. Cycles. Chromosomes. Gender. Pandemics. Birth plans. Epidurals. Breastfeeding. Weight gain. Weight loss. Stretch marks. Hemorrhoids. Labor class. Inductions. C-sections. Postpartum.

We’ve asked ourselves so many questions – and we’ve had to answer them “I just don’t know” over and over again. We’ve spent so much time worrying, wondering how we can make our baby, our labor, our birth, make all of it be okay.

And then, suddenly, we’re here. Tired. Spent. Bleeding. Cramping. Aching. Stitched. Our belly soft and foreign. And our baby, our baby sits heavy on our chest, the weight of all our worries packed into a tiny 7 pounds. And that little life doesn’t care about any of it, as long as they can still hear our heartbeat.

And it’s incredible, isn’t it, that we can’t remember half of what we worried about either. That in the place of that worry we feel strong. Accomplished. Powerful. Capable. Enough. For a moment, at least, there is peace.

Yes, mama, I’m tired. I’m so tired. But you know what? We’re so strong. We did it. And all the questions, all the answers, all the things that did and didn’t work out, right now, they just don’t matter, because we did it. They’re here. We did it.”

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