Focusing on the Positives

Focusing on the Positives

“COVID POST.  I’ve had a lot of family, friends & strangers reach out to me before & after my birth of Blake, sharing their positive thoughts & prayers. I just want to add that we are so grateful for every single call, text, comment, etc. We read ALL of them & are so appreciative.

Our birth plans were changed a lot due to COVID. Now, I really never had a complicated “birth plan.” Go to hospital, get epidural, have baby.

That being said, without even thinking, I planned to have my mother in the room helping me like she did with my first. My mother may be high intensity at times but I will never forget how calm & helpful she was with my first child. I will never forget the look she had of pure shock & happiness of seeing her first grand baby come into this world.
I planned on hugging my daughter tight & saying goodbye one last time right before her best friend would join us forever.

I planned on having my dad, a father of three girls, meet his first grandson right away. & Brandon’s father, excited to have a baby boy carry on the Gibson name, meet his first grandson as well.
I had a vision of Brooklyn running up to my hospital bed, sitting with me as they bring her baby brother over to us for the first time.
We had constant visitors & support throughout our hospital stay with Brooklyn & it was beautiful to watch how much love she received, which is something Blake would not get.

With COVID going on, we did not get to have any of these moments, however, we are choosing to see the positive light in a negative situation.

What we did receive was several intimate moments between my husband & I before and after birth. I got to watch my husband pace back & forth as I did skin to skin with my son because he just couldn’t wait to hold him too. We get to spend 24 hours with just our baby boy before we have to share our time forever with our crazy beautiful toddler.

This handsome baby boy was born into a weird crazy time in our world. But I refuse to let it bring us down. We will always teach him the importance of a positive attitude towards life. No matter the situation, you can find light at the end of the tunnel. Blake Ray Gibson, you. are. our. positive. light. 🤍

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