“Dropped off” to Deliver

“Dropped off” to Deliver

“5th April 2020 at 5:07 our baby boy, Frederick Andreas Sokratous was born.
It truly was the most incredible experience of my life.

I have spent weeks struggling with anxiety around the current coronavirus restrictions. Mainly around having to potentially delivery him alone.

I went to the hospital ‪on Friday morning at 8am‬. I was crying my eyes out on the drive there, knowing that I was getting “dropped off” to go through the start of labour alone was horrific and I was so scared.

I went straight to the induction suite and was seen to immediately. The midwives were so incredibly friendly (and amazingly the midwife doing my induction was the same midwife who delivered my daughter 2 years earlier). It was a long day, but time passed so quickly because the induction suite was full of women who were all going through the same thing. All scared, nervous and feeling alone. I have to be honest, it was so lovely getting to meet these fabulous women at such an important point in their lives, we supported one another.

Mid afternoon the next day I was transferred to the delivery suite. My midwife came to collect me and then I was allowed to call Giannis. He arrived around 10 mins after I got into my room, it was the most amazing moment when he arrived, it made me feel closer to him than ever.
My labour was long, but I progressed steadily. My midwife talked to me throughout. We spoke about a million different things, sometimes about the birth, sometimes about completely random things. She got to know us and we had a great time.
Shifts changed and the new midwife was different but just as wonderful, I am so pleased that she was there with us at the most incredible time of our lives.

My whole experience was calm, there was never drama.

It was completely controlled, it was calm, peaceful and wonderful. The only people in the room were my midwife, my fiancé, me and the tiny baby in my tummy.
Giannis delivered our baby boy ‪at 05:07‬ with his hands and all of his heart.
He placed him straight on my chest and I will forever remember that feeling of being so content and so happy.

We asked Jillian Maccoll specifics on what point her partner was allowed to be by her side:

I was induced so I went to the induction suite alone (he wasn’t allowed in) I was then moved to the delivery suite the next day when I was 4cm and having regular contractions and only then was I allowed to call him. To come to the delivery suite
He was allowed to stay for 4 hours after the birth then had to leave and no further visits until discharge home.”
Location: United Kingdom

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