Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness

“As we approach Mothers Day, I wanted to share something that’s been heavy on my heart for a little over a year. These words are not meant to gain sympathy as I do understand there are many others that have experienced much worse experiences. This post is clearly to spread mental health awareness. Now more than ever, in this time of uncertainty we all need to help one another and spread awareness. 

The question always asked is when are you going to have another baby? If I had a smooth experience then yes I would love to be pregnant right now, however that was not the case. I absolutely loved being pregnant but unfortunately had a really traumatic labor experience. This post isn’t to tell my story but is simply to spread awareness in hoping you can help someone.   For someone that already struggles with depression, post partum along with my ptsd of my labor experience was extremely hard on me. As a soon to be mom you educate yourself on information and postpartum. What I did not educate myself on was what if this labor does not go according to my “labor plan”.  Getting back from the hospital, I was extremely uneducated how to take care of myself. First week back from the hospital, I remember standing there in tears after dropping my medicine bottle on the floor as it rolled under my bed.  I was told I was unable to get down on the floor after surgery therefore felt hopeless as I was in physical pain. 

Vaginal or CSection the recovery process is physically and emotionally draining. I can’t stress on this enough but to reach out to your mommas whether they are your coworker, family member, friend or aquanance. Reach out to them and check on them. Continue to check on them, go see them, offer help, talk to them, bring them a coffee, the list could go on. 

There is no time limit on postpartum. They need you more than you know.  I’m extremely blessed and grateful to have a beautiful healthy 1 year old. Being a mother is by far the most precious gift in life. I really hope each and everyone of you can make a small difference in someone’s life 💕❤️ I promise you it does matter and you can make a difference.“

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