We Are The Same

“You & Me
We are the same
Both human
Both created by God
Both loved by God
Both two eyes to see
Both two ears to listen
Both A mouth to speak
Both hearts that beat, love, dream and hope
BUT the world will tell us we are different
That we aren’t the same
That we can’t love each other
That we are separate
That we are not equal
Being your Mom has made
My eyes open to the race agenda and how in the history of our world your race has been served great injustice
My ears have humbly listened to those who have been dealt those injustices, thier stories softening my heart and tearing down the race constructs I didn’t even know I had
My Mouth has learnt to speak, to shout loud when I see that injustice playing out in our family, in our friends, in our nation and in our world
My heart beats so strongly for you, to do you justice, to listen to you, to hear you, to see you, to fight for you… And with you every person who was and continues to be dealt injustice for thier race, colour, culture, greed, gender and preference
My heart is broken for #georgefloyd
My eyes won’t stop crying for Him
My mouth won’t stop saying His name
My ears can’t stop hearing “I can’t breathe”
I will be better for you and for Him!”


\Instagram: @ohhello_grace

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