Two Daughters

Two Daughters

“These are my two six year old daughters. One is white and the other one is biracial. I don’t value one of my daughter’s life over the other one. I love them immensely and EQUALLY.  So, If anyone who understands when you say #alllivesmatter it’s me.⁣

Now if my white daughter had suffered from severe trauma then because of that trauma she started breaking furniture, write on my walls, started talking back. I wouldn’t look at her and say “All My Children Matter” or “Well your sister has had bad days too.”⁣

No. I would get her the professional help she needs. I would be talking to all of her teachers, doctors, and anyone else who be interacts with her daily so they understood what she was going through. I would advocate for her. I would listen to my daughter. ⁣

Anything else would make me a bad neglectful mother. ⁣

So when you are saying ”All Lives Matter” you are saying you don’t care to take the time to listen to the burdens of another person and figure out a ways to get them help. ⁣

Saying systemic racism isn’t real or debunked is like saying that the trauma my daughter has gone through isn’t real. Just because you haven’t been through it or haven’t seen it, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen! Saying it’s not real doesn’t make this go away. ⁣

As mothers, we are nurturing, kind, forgiving and we love unconditionally. If there are those who see the pain that others go through and your only response to that pain is ”All Lives Matter” then you are part of the problem. ⁣” 

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