Lactation Cookie Recipe

Lactation Cookie Recipe

“I remember my mama most when I’m in my kitchen. I watched her tiny hands roll out hundreds of pie crusts, bake countless chickens, mash me so many potatoes, scoop thousands of cookies on those cookies sheets we all wanted when she was gone.

It’s where I learned the most from her, not just about food, but life. About saying the right yes’s and no’s, about choosing love first, about expecting better of people instead of assuming the worst.

Naturally, I love spending time in there with my girls. I only hope I can impart into them a love for food and life the way my mama did me. And I love blessing my friends through the things I can do in the kitchen – it’s become one of my favorite ways to say ‘I love you, I care about you, and I see you,’ perhaps one of the only ways to reach out in this weird season of loneliness right now.

Do you know someone having a baby right now, isolated and alone when nobody wants to be? Keep reading for my favorite lactation cookie recipe. Make them and then go drop them on their porch. I can think of no sweeter way to spend an hour in the kitchen with your littles. And I can think of no sweeter way to love a mama right now.”


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