Your Life is Not Over When You Have a Baby

Your Life is Not Over When You Have a Baby

“Your life is not over when you have a baby!⠀

I posted about this a few months ago but I think it’s always a good reminder. 💕⠀
When I became pregnant last year, I was super happy & excited! Also, anxious, nervous and scared… if I am being honest! ⠀

Motherhood would all be so new to me. On top of that – I was hoping this would be our rainbow baby after a previous pregnancy loss. 🌈🙏🏻⠀

I didn’t know what to expect – in pregnancy, during labour, postpartum and beyond! 🤯🙏🏻❤️⠀

As our due date approached, I started having some thoughts that I shared with my husband … “Did we enjoy ourselves enough just as a couple before baby?” “We better get in a bunch of dates now before she comes.” “Are we really ready?”⠀
When she arrived I realized that we can still do all of the same things we loved to do before, it may just look a little different. And I’m okay with that. And we do new things too! It’s so fun to watch her learn and explore. ⠀

Our life is so much richer, so much better with her in it. She is honestly the best thing that’s happened in my life!⠀

This love is really like no other love I’ve ever felt before. ⠀

Loving my daughter gives me a greater appreciation for my Mama! I think “Wow! Does she love me THIS much!?” 🤯⠀

I think about the depth of love I feel for my baby and wonder “if I love her this much and God’s love is greater and deeper for me (and each and every one of us) then that must be such a profound amount of love!” ⠀

The oxytocin I feel for my girl makes my heart gush, my eyes fill with tears and my ovaries explode. 😆❤⠀

And you know? Even though Pekoe was planned, it has me thinking -⠀

I want to give a huge shoutout to women facing unplanned pregnancies and those wondering “can I do this? Am I ready? Will my life change a lot?” ⠀

To this I say – I think nobody ever feels 100% ready, even when baby is planned! And you – YES YOU – can do it! 💪❤🙏🏻🥰⠀
Your life will not be over once you have a baby. It will just be beginning.”

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