Birth Story – Skye Hendrix

“Yesterday we welcomed Skye Hendrix into the world
And what an entrance he had…
Let’s just say mommy didn’t make it out of the car and daddy ended up delivering baby ~~ Full #birthstory ~~
At around 11:30pm my wife’s water broke and she started having contractions. We gathered everything we needed and got in the car to go. As I floored it to the hospital “safely” lol we arrived just before midnight. We parked and Ashley, my wife, tells me she can’t walk in she needs a wheel chair. So I run over to the front security guard and told him I need a wheel chair out to the car my wife’s in labor.. I start running back to the car. By this time my wife now tells me she can’t make it she thinks the babies coming….. I thought to myself.. okay this can’t be great .. lol  then next she says is “I can’t stop his heads out I can feel his head” … now by this time the security gaurd is coming with the chair and I yell at him “ she can’t make it she’s going to have her baby get someone to help!” I turned around to my wife telling me to get the body she can’t hold him in. I found myself ripping off my shirt to use as a towel to pull out my baby boy. Within less a second he slid out right into my hands and he was beautiful. Baby Skye born at 12:02 am in the front seat of our Jeep. Within another 30-45seconds I had nurses at the car helping me position the baby and make sure his chord was out of the way and another 30 surrounding my car to make sure everything was okay! They then put him on Ashley and rolled her on a bed into the hospital. It was an unreal experience and I couldn’t be more happier with it. Thank you to everyone who reached out to us yesterday really appreciate all the love. Welcome to this crazy world baby Skye ”

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