Dear Momma

Dear Momma

~ 36 Weeks ~

To the momma who is tired and exhausted, I feel you.

To the momma who feels like you’re at your wits end, I’m with you.

To the momma that doesn’t recognize her own body, me either.

Motherhood has been a beautifully cruel test lol. A test of mental, physical, and emotional strength and dexterity. If you needed to know that there was someone out there that felt just as vulnerable as you, here is your sign.

Dear momma, the nights are short, and the days are long. There isn’t always help, but you’re enough. You won’t always respond the way you want to, but there is grace. You won’t always be able to accomplish everything on your to-do list, but there’s rest.

Put the baby to bed early, order take out, and spend time with your significant other. I’ve learned to lean into my husband as things get difficult. I’ve thrown away the pride of not telling him what I need/expecting him to read my mind. Life is too hard and too short to struggle alone.

I have one month left in this pregnancy and it has been a long and draining process. I’ve been more nauseous, less patient, and more tired than I’ve ever been.

I had a low RBC and low iron that triggered a lot of other health issues. My PPD was safely under control with medication, but my emotions still felt ahead of me.

Moving into a new home and now being able to put it together due to restrictions set by my Dr’s has been frustrating.

I unintentionally took time away from Instagram because it made me anxious to even think about managing this account. Things have begun to get back to a point where I can give time and attention to “extra curricular” activities.

I’ve chosen to step back and take things slow, putting myself and my family first. Every choice we make requires the sacrifice of something we don’t choose.

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