One Tired Momma

One Tired Momma

One! Tired! Momma!  I had no clue my sister took these pics, as I was clearly knocked OUT! This is motherhood, for me, yall. I thought I was putting Faren to sleep but ended up in my own Lala Land…mouth opened and all.  Sure, motherhood is all of the glamorous, stylized, beautiful pics I post, but it is also THIS ⬆️ It’s having your sleep pattern thrown off for the past 3 months so you don’t know what is day vs night anymore; it’s intentionally catching a catnap while baby sleeps, or accidentally falling into a sleep-coma in a couch that’s way too comfy; it’s knowing that that 10 minute nap might be the last real sleep you get until tomorrow and being okay with that; it’s being your baby’s mattress when she’s cranky and her sleeping anywhere else just wont do; it’s having to wake up even if you don’t want to, to make a bottle, change a diaper or just soothe her. It’s knowing while it’s all still an adjustment I wouldn’t change it for the world. Motherhood is this; raw, real, rugged and a little embarrassing LOL!
P.S. no, I was not drooling so go easy on me in the comments! Lol I thought long and hard about sharing these pics. ”

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