Tired Mum

Tired Mum

“I’M TIRED! I am absolutely shattered, I literally didn’t do much today. I started my diet today and cleaned the kitchen this morning and that was it. I went upstairs for Cara-Leigh’s mid morning nap and we woke up at half 4 😯⁣

I would never underestimate being a stay at home mum again. After leaving full time work, I always thought it would be a breeze being at home taking care of the kids and the home. Oh! How I was wrong. ⁣

It’s a never ending cycle, it’s like your in the Army, routine, routine, routine. Breakfast, then clean up the baby, lunch, clean up the baby again, and repeat. This is amongst cleaning the home and making time for my eldest as well.⁣

I love my kids but I will return to work if I can but unfortunately at the moment I can’t so I guess I just need to be a bit more organised and enjoy these moments with them.⁣

Are you a stay at home mum or working mum? Leave a reply below”

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  1. Stay at home mum but working from home,
    I remember the same feeling! I used to drink 3 cups of
    Coffee a day to get through and it did me no good. Just gave me sugar and caffeine crashes, heart Palpitation and anxiety, I felt so tired and sluggish but thankfully I’ve made a lifestyle change and feeling a lot better! Lovely to get my natural energy back to be able to run around after my little girl again 🙂 you’re doing an amazing job! Keep going! X

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