Jazmyne’s Breastfeeding Journey

Jazmyne’s Breastfeeding Journey

“This is the last picture I ever took breastfeeding Koehn back in March. He just stopped on his own shortly after. ⁣

It was such a sad moment for me when I realized I wouldn’t be breastfeeding anymore. (Before I knew I was pregnant). It’s been apart of my life, my journey for so long I almost felt lost without it. ⁣

It’s also been liberating in a sense to have my body back. Even if only for a short time. Its funny, the way things in life can be. ⁣

Something I’ve grown to cherish so much has at the same time been something I resented at times. And that’s the part if breastfeeding a lot of people don’t mention. ⁣

First, it’s hard! Like AF! It’s time consuming and one of the most selfless acts a mom can make, imo. ⁣

You are literally a walking feeding machine. And some days that is more literal than others. It’s something you grow to love because the bond you have with your child is amazing but it’s also okay if you hate it to. It’s tiresome. It’s overwhelming. It’s frustrating. And it’s down right annoying. But all in all it’s a beautiful gift to be able to nourish your child and something I wouldn’t change for the world. ⁣

Did you have a love hate relationship with breastfeeding? Or was that just me. ⁣ Leave a comment below!

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