All Feeding is Hard Work

All Feeding is Hard Work

“I think mums who breastfeed are amazing. I know from the short time I breastfed for that it’s bloody hard work and that a week of recognition is the least you deserve for the relentless cluster feeding, the cracked nipples and the pure exhaustion you go through to provide your baby solely from your body. I have read so many informative captions and seen so many beautiful photos which I’ve shown love and support because you are incredible and you should feel proud and empowered.

But to the to the formula feeding mums on world breastfeeding week; I see you, I am you and I know how hard and triggering this week can feel. I know how painful it can be reading comments about breast being best and the assumption that if you’re struggling, all you need is more support because it can make us feel like we’ve failed. I know deep down that none of these posts are to shame anyone who couldn’t, who chose not to, who supplemented with formula or who, like me faced issues that meant stopping before I was ready to but it’s still hard not to feel that mum guilt.

I’ve breastfed, I’ve pumped, I’ve bottle fed and I’ve tube fed and be it physically or emotionally – I’ve found all of them hard work. So I’ll keep reminding myself and anyone else who needs to hear it this week that how you chose to feed your baby doesn’t define who you are as a mother and it certainly doesn’t define your bond with them. You’ve weighed up the benefits and risks of something just like you’ll be doing for the rest of your child’s life and you’ve made a decision that meant that both of you could thrive and that is something worth celebrating this week and every other week of the year too.”

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