Trying To Be A Mom- While Missing Your Own

Trying To Be A Mom- While Missing Your Own

“I wanted to share my story in hopes some of you can relate. ⁣

Here’s a little backstory. When my mom was 16 she was in a car accident that left her paralyzed. She couldn’t walk the rest of her life. It made life extremely tough and she needed a lot of assistance but she found her way and had me and my brother. When I was four years old, my mama was taking a nap and a candle she had burning had started a house fire. No one was home except her. My mom who sadly couldn’t get in to her wheelchair without assistance, did not make it out. My heart hurts so bad just writing this. I can’t imagine how scared she was and how terrible it was. Growing up without her was really hard. I never had that nurturing, motherly love that I watched all my friends getting. I ALWAYS wanted to be a mom because I never got to experience this and I wanted to be able to give what I never had to my child. I went through so many tough times growing up where I really needed her but I managed.⁣

Fast forward to a few years ago, I got hit with the biggest WHAT THE FUCK of my life. Finding out I wouldn’t be able to have kids naturally. God, how I wanted to just run and hug and hold my mom. There’s something nurturing about your mothers love, her touch, her words. I needed her to tell me everything would be ok. I know some of you are also experiencing this, maybe your mom has passed like mine, maybe she’s absent from your life. Maybe it’s your dads love you yearn for. Either way to not have that person there when you really need them makes the shitty situation you’re in, even shittier. ⁣

I REALLY lucked out though. I have this amazing mother in law that have filled those shoes and more. I call her in the middle of her work day and she drops everything just so I can vent about something stupid. She checks up on me all the time and is our biggest cheerleader in all this. If you’re missing your mom, I hope you find support in someone else close to you.”

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