Our family grew from 2 to 11 in less than 3 years

Our family grew from 2 to 11 in less than 3 years

We adopted four siblings from foster care in December 2019. A month later we were pregnant with quadruplets!

Sometimes when you have a dream in your mind and hope in your heart, you create a wish. Even if you don’t actively pursue it, it’s always there lingering, and sometimes, if you are really lucky that wish can come true. Now there are those times that a wish is granted above and beyond what you ever expected, this, this is one of those times.

We hoped for just one more baby to complete our family and our prayers were answered, x4.

Yes, you read that right, FOUR babies.
We suffered almost two years of heartache and loss to bring Henry into this world. It was a very hopeless period in our lives. At times, I remember thinking that it just wasn’t meant to be for us, so to say these babies are little miracles is truly an understatement.

The quote “If you think our hands are full, you should see our hearts” Has never been more accurate. We feel like the luckiest parents in the world to not only have five of the most beautiful children imaginable but now to be given another remarkable gift, it’s just unbelievable really.

BUT, with that being said, this is going to be a long and difficult journey. We are nervous, scared and overwhelmed. To have even gotten this far with quads is a shock, all we can hope and pray for is that at the end of all of this we can eventually bring home 4 healthy, happy babies. The risks are extremely high for not only the babies but for me as well. We were highly encouraged to reduce, strongly strongly advised that it was for the best, but we just couldn’t do it. We felt very passionately that all of our babies deserved a chance, how could we choose to end some of their lives, it just wasn’t the right decision for us.

So here we are, pregnant with quads after years of struggling. The chances of conceiving quads without IVF or IUI are about 1 in a million.
I couldn’t do this without such a strong and loving husband, who despite having so much on his shoulders already finds time to pick up all the pieces when I need it the most. Through all of our worries and fears we know that with unconditional love, a little bit of chaos and limitless devotion to our family we will handle whatever comes our way, together. ❤️

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