Anxiety During Pregnancy

Anxiety During Pregnancy

“Pregnancy is such an exciting time in a mother’s life. It’s a time of connection with your baby within your body. Sometimes though, anxiety can steal some of that joy. & It can happen to anyone.⁣

❤️You don’t have to have had a miscarriage in the past. ⁣

❤️It doesn’t have to be your 1st pregnancy it can be your 4th or 5th or 6th pregnancy. ⁣

❤️It doesn’t matter if you’re usually calm, cool, and collected. ⁣

❤️It doesn’t matter if you’ve prepared and prepared for this. ⁣

Sometimes it just happens and we have all these concerns and doubts and fears all combined into one. Anxious about what life will hold for us. It can be hard for those who have had losses and even those who have not. ⁣

Anxiety can be the thief of the attachment with our baby growing within us. It can be that insomnia with racing thoughts we aren’t sure why we keep having at 3 am. It can be the smallest twinge of pain that has us googling. It can be that horrible story we heard about the bad experience of someone else’s pregnancy that has us on edge. It can be the loss of control of a growing body. The fear of your changing body. Anxiety can make something feel large even if it is very small.⁣

If you experience anxiety during pregnancy, know you are not alone.❤️”

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