Motherhood is beautiful

Motherhood is beautiful

“When I found out I was pregnant, it wasn’t some surprise or accident. We planned it. God planned it. I’ve always wanted to be a Mama—that’s why it shocked me and when all I seemed to hear from so many people—even strangers was,
“just wait..”

wait until you have to wake up every hour
wait until they are screaming their head off
wait until you have no social life
wait until you get pooped on all the time
you’ll never shower
you’ll never go out with your husband again
you’ll never sleep again

Basically—your life is over kinda thing.
No encouragement. No talk of all the beautiful, wonderful parts about becoming a mother.

I wish people had told me this. So I’m sharing it with you—

Wait until you smell that sweet newborn smell
Wait you kiss their tiny head
Wait until you nuzzle your nose against theirs
Wait until they smile at your voice
Wait until it’s 2:35am and it’s just the two of you awake together while you nurse him
Wait until you see your husband hold your baby for the first time
Wait until _

I really don’t know why it always has to be the horrors that people share with new moms to be.

We know it’s going to change our lives forever, that we are going to lose sleep, that yes, it’s even going to be hard sometimes.
But can we just talk about the beautiful parts too?

Expecting a baby? I’m a new Mama, but let me tell you—sometimes I sit in my rocker after a midnight feed and even tho he’s sleeping, I just stare at my sweet boy and cry tears of thankfulness. Thankful that God allowed him to be born to me. Thankful I had a healthy pregnancy and didn’t lose him. Thankful that he is ours.

Every day has different levels of tired, maybe that laundry didn’t get switched over when you wanted it to…but I’m learning that these days are short, and motherhood is beautiful. So being tired sometimes—it’s doesn’t mean much.

Look forward to the beautiful parts ♥️”

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