C-Section Shaming

C-Section Shaming

“I have seen a lot of shame regarding “C-SECTION” mummas & choice of delivery through social media.

For me, I was given no choice. I was told, I would be having a cesarean from the minute we knew they were identical twins. The risk was high enough, let alone to deliver naturally.

Why should mums feel ashamed to say they had a c-section. Because it’s not “natural”.

Well, in my opinion, it is. Especially if it’s the safest option for you & your baby and we shouldn’t judge the choices that mothers make!

Most times after a csection, you’re able to hold your baby. I wasn’t. I wasn’t given “skin to skin” until 24 hours after. So I think that’s bad enough, the fact the my children had to be whisked away into incubators without even the warmth of their mother, not how I delivered them.

Natural or cesarean, it’s all beautiful, it’s all meant to happen the way it’s supposed to. Most of all it’s YOUR choice.

I’ve had many people reach out to me on this platform, who feel like they were judged because of the situation they were in and how they had to deliver their baby. It’s just not right.

So, to every single mumma who had to deliver not the way they planned, it’s OK and it’s YOUR choice, nobody else’s.

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