Caffeine when pregnant + breastfeeding

Caffeine when pregnant + breastfeeding


Raise your hand if you’re a coffee mama like me! To be honest, I’ve always been good with 1 cup a day (reheated at least 3x, right?), so the “rules” about coffee (and caffeine) in these seasons aren’t too tough for me to follow.

I knew that my one cup a day was “doctor-approved,” so I never worried too much. But what about you mama? Were you a 4 cup a day woman before all of this? Did you know there are caffeine intake limits (so think about tea + other caffeine sources too) that are recommended by the maternal + fetal health community?

Current Recommendations:
+ The recommended limit for caffeine when pregnant is 200mg.
+ The recommended limit when breastfeeding or pumping is 300 mg.

So, how do those break down in some of the actual things we drink?

– A C of instant coffee: 100 mg
– A C of filter coffee: 140 mg
– A Nespresso pod: 55 – 125 mg
– 1 mug of tea: 75 mg
– 1 can of cola soda: 40 mg
– 1 can of energy drink: 100 + mg
– 1 oz of dark chocolate: 12 mg
– 1 shot Starbucks espresso drink: 75 mg
– 2 shot Starbucks espresso drink: 150 mg

In moderation, caffeine is okay both in pregnancy + when nursing. While some nursing mamas have likely heard that caffeine can keep a baby awake, staying within these levels should not cause that issue!

Pay attention to that total intake throughout the day, as caffeine has a way of sneaking into our diet (aka my dark chocolate nighttime snack). And if this is your first baby, enjoy that HOT cup. You may soon be joining the “I’ve reheated it 4 times today and forgot about it in the microwave” club (but I promise you it’s worth it).

Are you a coffee or tea person? Did/do you find these recommendations hard to follow?”

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