What is the safest car seat?

Post by @safeintheseat : “The one you use correctly. ⁠⠀
Honestly, this may seem like a BS answer but it’s not. The truth is all car seats pass the same (US) federal crash test standards. Do some car seats go above and beyond with their ease of use features and advanced safety features? Yes, some do. ⁠ ⁠⠀
Before you ask: there is no list that compares crash test results. If anyone is frustrated by that, I can assure you I am. Car seats simply must pass the tests. Some manufacturers release their data, most do not. Because they all do not (and are not required to) there is no way to get an accurate comparison of which one is “safest”.⁠⠀
I know that makes many of us uneasy. Let me encourage you to think about it this way: Even if ratings and comparisons were available to us, using the car seat properly is the single biggest factor in having a “safe” car seat. ⁠⠀
The fact is no matter the bells and whistles or the price tag, the majority of car seats are not being used correctly. ⁠It’s not about what car seat is “the safest”. It is about what car seat YOU can use properly Every. Single. Ride.⁠⠀

You are the keeper of your child’s safety in the car. The car seat is merely a tool to help you do it. Find the tool that works for:⁠⠀
💫your child⁠⠀
💫your vehicle⁠⠀
💫your budget⁠⠀
💫your needs⁠⠀
💫your wants ⁠⠀
💫 your family⁠⠀
💫your ability to nail its use. 👊🏽⁠⠀

Let’s keep building your confidence that you are doing it just right! I’m so glad you are here ❣️

What’s one thing you have learned from this page about how to keep your kids safer in their seats?! Ain’t no shame in upping our car seat safety game!”⁠⠀

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