Embracing my feminine power through motherhood

Embracing my feminine power through motherhood

“Embracing my feminine power through motherhood

Before I had Harper, I was THAT person. “I’m not having kids. I can’t imagine not working. I would never want to be a stay at home mom. I want my partner to stay home with the kids while I work. I don’t ever want to depend on someone else so I can’t stop working”.

In my mind, I thought if I became a mother & took a break from work, stopped completely focusing on success and a career, that I would be viewed as weak..that I would feel weak.

During my pregnancy, with the help of my beautiful coach @reneejoywellness & some crazy hormones, I finally realised I was so completely caught up in my masculine energy that I couldn’t embody the beautiful feminine energy trapped inside of me.

Motherhood has allowed me to step into my feminine power and I have never felt more badass and confident. So my narrative has shifted & the voice in my head is a lot different these days. I am much softer & a lot more gentle on myself.. and balancing my feminine / masculine energies continues to change my life in more ways than I could’ve imagined. As a mother…I cry more, I worry more, I feel more, I love more & I have never felt more confident, accomplished & most importantly aligned and in tune with myself.

I feel beyond grateful to live in a country that allows so me so much time off work, and a partner that works his ass off, to make sure I get this time with our daughter. To allow me to be there to cherish the most precious times with our most prized possession.

I am still stubborn, I am too independent at times, I have high expectations for myself, I love hustling and I work my ass off. But right now, this time with my daughter… this is what matters the most & I am fully embracing it without doubt or shame in my most important role yet 🤍”

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