Easier with Baby Number 2

Easier with Baby Number 2

“Has it been easier with the second baby? YES.

Sure, having two kids is WAY more work, but by the time you have your second (even if every baby is different, maybe fussier, more demanding etc) you are also much more confident in what you are doing AND you are busier too, which means you have less time to pay attention to anything else but your own mom instinct and do whatever works for YOU, which is ultimately, the best.

I have always been an advocate on following my own intuition. Even with my first, I was VERY hesitant to listening to other people’s advise just because I knew that every kid & environment is different, and that I would do whatever worked for me, no matter what others advised.

But now that I have my second, I stand with it even more. Mamas, please do what works for you! It’s SO refreshing when you parent your own way and do whatever works instead of what works for others or worry and stress about following specific methods that don’t seem to be working for you.

So yes, this second time around, I was already familiar with every normal challenges happening and that were to come (breastfeeding crisis, cluster feedings, growth spurts, witching hours, sleep regressions…) and nothing caught me off guard, which was so helpful and gave me peace of mind.

Which is why being educated about their development is important, and I always share my insights on that, but stressing about exact universal methods of “training” I don’t support because no, nothing works for all and that only stresses new moms more.

So I would say that, even if the second kid adds a LOT more work, and you never have down time, at all, the next baby also gives you a more effortless type of work than the first did 🤷🏼‍♀️

What’s your experience with number 2 or 3, 4…? Was handling the baby easier each time too thanks to experience and less worries or concerns?”

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