The Baby Sleep Panic Cycle

The Baby Sleep Panic Cycle

This post is by: @babysleep.answers

Can anyone else relate to the endless panic about baby sleep?

Especially during newborn sleep I felt like I was just on a panic rollercoaster sometimes. Baby would either be making me panic because he was fighting sleep or because he was sleeping. There was just always a cloud hovering over me telling me I was doing something wrong… three years later I can recognize that as my Post Partum Anxiety, but it was INTENSE and even without PPA that panic kicks in sometimes

So how can I help you here? I’d say to acknowledge the panic and then to try to let go of control.

Some more specific tips:

If you’re trying to get baby to sleep and they WILL NOT. then take a break. try again later. And the next day try to make sure baby isn’t overstimulated or overtired by bedtime.

If you’re worried about their weird sleep position please know that babies choose VERY weird sleep positions. So as long as their airway is clear and they got there on their own, they should be fine.

IF baby is sleeping longer and you’re freaking out: give yourself the freedom to check on them compulsively that first time. It’s ok that you’re having freakout moments but also know that babies eventually will stretch their sleep, and with time try to let go.

If baby wakes up before you expected, don’t panic! It’s ok. WAit and see if they’ll go back to sleep on their own. And if you know they absolutely need you to go back to sleep, then help them!

What’s something you’re panicking about lately? Write it in the comments, perhaps I can help you, or someone else who sees your worry can help!

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