5 Tips For IVF Egg Retrieval Recovery

5 Tips For IVF Egg Retrieval Recovery

Wake n’ Pray! It’s Egg Retrieval Day!🧫🥚

That was my morning mantra on the day of our Egg Retrieval 🙌🏽 But after it was over I felt kind of 🥴.

Wanna know some key points in my recovery? Here ya go:

Get yourself a heating pad or microwaveable hot pack. I had intense cramps + the discomfort lasted a couple of days after. I was parked on the sofa with my heating pad resting on my bloated belly almost all day + it was SO helpful.

I was SO bloated. Like I had a baby bump without the baby, THAT bloated. It was weird + uncomfortable. So, make sure that you have sweatpants or something comfy you can relax in- something that won’t be too tight or press against your abdomen.

3️⃣ MOVE.
If you feel up to it, I encourage you to move your body! We took daily walks around the park by our house + it felt so nice just to get up + get some fresh air. I felt a lot of fatigue throughout the day + didn’t want to do much, but the walk was something I looked forward to + it did make me feel better.

4️⃣ DRINK!
Stay hydrated, sister! Get a big water bottle + some Gatorade + drink, drink, drink. Staying hydrated after retrieval is SO important because it helps to avoid dehydration from the procedure + helps your body process all of the medications + hormones you’re taking.

5️⃣ REST.
I know this one may seem obvious, but it’s easier said than done. By rest, I mean REST physically + REST mentally.

You just put your body through the wringer, give it time to HEAL. Don’t push or over exert yourself. Instead, take some time to appreciate your body + fill it with nutritious foods + plenty of liquids.

Take a break mentally from anything that does not bring you joy. Try to rest your mind. Find a devotional, write in a journal, learn to knit, etc. . whatever you need to do to find mental rest- DO IT.

If you have an upcoming egg retrieval, I wish you the best of luck + I’m sending you some baby dust!✨Like + save this post so you know what to do or tag a friend who may need this!

If you’d like to read more about our Egg Retrieval, see the link in my bio or check out my stories!

IVF warriors, what am I missing? What would your recovery tips be?”

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