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11 C-section Indications

C-section indications! 💕⁣⁠
A c-section isn’t always an emergency, but it can quickly turn to one! ⁣⁠
Here are a few indications of why you might need a c-section! ⁣⁠
Some of these are things we know ahead of time and lead to a planned C-section, others can happen during a vaginal birth and will lead to an unplanned one!⁣⁠
🤍 Placental Abruption – Your placenta detached from your uterine wall⁣⁠
🤍 Placenta Previa – Your placenta is blocking the opening to your cervix⁣⁠
🤍 Suspected Fetal Acidosis – Baby’s heart rate is not reassuring⁣⁠
🤍 Malpresentation – Baby is in a position (like transverse) that is not conducive to a safe labor⁣⁠
🤍 Cephalopelvic Disproportion (CPD) – Your pelvis is too small for baby’s head to fit through⁣⁠
🤍 Chorioamnionitis – This is an infection of your bag of water and it can affect fetal oxygenation or the health of mama⁣⁠. Not all cases of chorio requite a C-section!⁠
🤍 Eclampsia (seizures) or Severe Preeclampsia – This can also affect fetal oxygenation or the health of mama⁣⁠
🤍 Umbilical Cord Prolapse – When baby’s umbilical cord prolapses between the head and the cervix⁣⁠
🤍 Uterine Rupture – This is a rare but scary complication where a hole or tear forms in your uterus⁣⁠
🤍 Failure to dilate (stalled labor) or descend (pushing for a long time) – another factor that can impact fetal oxygenation or health of mama⁣⁠
🤍 Previous C-section(s), and mom does not desire VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) due to a magnitude of reasons⁣⁠
There are others, too! C-section mamas, tell me your story! 💕

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