C-Section Recovery: What To Expect Physically

C-Section Recovery: What To Expect Physically

Anyone who’s had a c-section knows how tough the recovery typically is! You need to have lots of support around for the basics during those first few days (and even weeks) to help your body heal properly.

Remember, you’re recovering from birth AND abdominal surgery.

💥The recovery can be long and painful…and often catches many new mothers off guard. Because we don’t always hear much about it until living it.

💥Your provider will typically see you 2 weeks after surgery to check on your incision. And then you may get a second visit at about 6-8 weeks for a general postpartum check-up, but this can vary greatly.

Below are just a few of the common things you MAY experience after a c-section:

With a fresh wound, it’s normal to feel sore around your scar — you may feel burning /stinging pain as you move about. The area is still tender and may also feel itchy and/or numb. It may be hard to stand up tall as you walk (this was excruciating for me in the hospital).

Blood loss is expected after both vaginal and cesareans births. The average for a typical c-section is approximately 1 quart, making anemia more of a concern postpartum. However, 1-5% of women will experience more severe/heavy bleeding (which is serious, but rare).

One of the most common effects of a cesarean is bloating and gassiness. This is expected after your intestines have been pushed and pulled and moved about. It can take time for things to feel like normal as your digestive system adjusts. But the pain it brings during bowel movements can be excruciating for many.

Some women feel very nauseous after their c-section. It can be a side effect from the anesthesia and/or abdominal surgery.

It’s also common to feel some numbness and itchiness around your legs — these are the effects of anesthesia and poor circulation in the legs following surgery. Compression leggings and walking are necessary for the healing process.

Source: March of Dimes


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  1. 🙌 YES TO ALL OF THIS. I spent so much time mentally preparing for a vaginal delivery and barely any research on c-sections. Maybe it was for the best because I experienced all of this 😂 Pro Tip: make sure you’re taking Gas-X as soon as you can and not just once the pain hits.

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