Motherhood is Hard & You Are Doing Your Best

Motherhood is Hard & You Are Doing Your Best

“I shared a very brief insight recently into how much of a juggle my work mornings are as a mum to 4 little children. Waking up and being the sole parent trying to get everyone fed, clothed, ready and out the door in time for school and day-care drop off is HARD!

It’s hard making breakfast simultaneously for 4 hungry tummies.

It’s hard running room to room trying to pick things up so we don’t come home to chaos.

It’s hard listening to all their questions, thinking through what they said and then giving them appropriate answers.

It’s hard holding a toddler on your hip while you use one hand to do up your bra and put your makeup on.

It’s hard refereeing arguments while packing lunchboxes.

It’s hard remembering library books, sports tops and everything else they need for the day.

It’s hard trying to keep everyone happy.

It’s downright hard! And that’s before the actual drop-off.

Before you have to leave them.

Before your children cling to your clothing and cry as you kiss them goodbye.

Before you have to turn your back and walk away while trying to hold back your own tears.

Before you break down in the car sobbing, asking yourself if it’s all worth it.

Being a mum is hard. Being a working mum is hard. But as I cry in my car after the hard mornings I like to remind myself;

You are doing a great job.
It won’t always be like this.
It’s not always going to be this hard.
You are doing a really good job.
It’s ok. It’s alright.
It’s just a hard day.
It’s just a season.
You are strong. You are capable. You’re human and you’re doing a really good job.
You can do this. You can!
Keep going ok. Tomorrow is a new day.
You can do this.

I also like to remind myself, none of us are doing it perfectly, but every mum I know is doing her damn best.

YOU are doing your best”

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