Postpartum Hair Loss

“It feels strange posting this on a public platform after spending months trying to hide this bald spot, but here I am! I wanted to share this because postpartum hair loss is something every mama experiences and, while normal, it can be very distressing, and your feelings about it are completely valid. Yes, these two sweet faces made it all worth it and I am so grateful to have them in my arms, but I have stressed so much about the clumps of hair that came out every day for months and months after James was born, hoping this wouldn’t happen. ⁣
During both of my postpartum periods, I experienced more than average hair loss that ultimately led to bald spots. The first time it was conveniently hidden, but this time it is in a much more obvious spot. When I experienced this the first time, I consulted with my doctor and naturopath, and contributing factors were hormone imbalances related to postpartum and stress. So, I am doing my best to listen to my body and have been trying to make some changes to improve my overall health and have followed advice from my hair stylist. I now have lots of regrowth with SUPER cute baby hairs popping through, but my thinning hair and this bald spot is something I have really stressed about recently and I wanted you to know that, if you are experiencing this or any form of hair loss, you are NOT alone! ⁣⁣
I’ll be sharing a few tips in my stories so be sure to check that out, too! If you are willing to share your postpartum hair loss experience or tips in the comments, I would love to hear from you (whatever stage you are in), and perhaps it will encourage others that they’re not alone ❤️.”

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