Sex After Birth

Sex After Birth

Alright y’all, here it is. Having sex after birth was weird! But not for the reasons you think 😂. I’ll admit the things that concerned me.

1) Will it hurt me? Considering the healing I had to go through.

2) Will he feel it? I must be all stretched out now

3) Will he still think I’m sexy after seeing my vagina like that? With her head coming out and blood everywhere?

4) Will it feel different to me?

5) Will I be able to even reach orgasm?

All valid concerns and things we don’t talk about! So I’ll bite the bullet and address them (keep in mind, everyone is different t do this is how it was for us).

1) It didn’t hurt; I did decide to use water based lubricant to avoid pain or dryness – I was afraid of tearing again.

2) Yes he felt it, your body is amazing and bounces back once you’ve healed (again varies with every person and birth situation).

3) Yes he still thought I was sexy! He said I was even more attractive because of how much I survived and now this body I have, takes care of our daughter. And what’s more sexy than a warrior? -Yes he told me this/

4) It did feel different for me, but not in a bad way. Due to my multiple tears I lost some feeling in certain places but it heightened feelings in other places that I may not have felt before as much. It was still enjoyable!

5) Yes I did! If it doesn’t happen for you right away, don’t be surprised because sometimes it can take the body a while to heal and remember how to relax and reach a comfort she and vulnerable state!

Remember to always communicate with your partner about where you are physically and mentally. Also, ask your doctor when you’re cleared and safe for sex! Make sure you are ready to take this step because it is a big one! Trust your partner and trust yourself. Sex should be fun not intimidating so take your time!”

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