Let’s talk about postpartum sex

Let’s talk about postpartum sex

“Let’s talk about sex, postpartum sex that is. You know, the kind where you need a litre of lube and a shot of tequila for some extra courage before the deed goes down.

If you’ve had a baby before then you’ll know what I’m talking about. You’ll know the angst that comes with having sex for the first time after giving birth. Maybe not everyone feels this way but I’m pretty sure 90% of new mums would.

You’ve given birth, you’re elated, you have your beautiful new baby in your arms and sex is the last thing on your mind. Then slowly the days roll into weeks and suddenly you’re at the 6 week mark, you know, that stupid milestone where apparently you’re clear to get back on the horse, or so to speak.

Physically you might be ok to have sex but if you’re like me it takes a little longer to be there mentally. At the 6 week mark I’m still adjusting to life with a newbie. I’m still bleeding and I’m so exhausted from sleepless nights and long day’s that sex is definitely not a priority.

Sex does eventually come back into the equation though and in my experience that first time is the most daunting. I like to think of it as a similar experience to ripping off a bandaid; you have to go into it calm, take a deep breathe, and just get on with it. Will it be uncomfortable, yes, probably, but once you’ve taken the leap of faith you realise it’s not as bad as you were expecting.

You see, sex postpartum is definitely different to sex when you’re trying to make a baby, but it’s all a part of the process and thankfully like everything postpartum, we know from experience that it gets better with time. So my advice (when YOU feel ready) is to stop nervously tiptoeing around the idea and just do it; declare “tonight is the night” and rip that bandaid off 👊🏻”

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