This is Postpartum

This is Postpartum

“This. Is. Postpartum.
Brad had a one hour break at 9am this morning which meant he could watch K while I showered and got ready for the day. I took off my spit up covered nightgown and slipped out of my disposable underwear and giant pad. I turned on the shower to let it heat up, took a last sip from my half decaf coffee, and grabbed a nursing bra and maternity undies to put on right after the shower. Of course I had to prep them with pads – one for my vaginal bleeding, and another set to protect my bra from leaking breastmilk. Last but not least I attached my Haakaa to my right boob and got in the shower.

I took 8 glorious minutes in a hot shower, where I made sure to massage each breast in the hot water before getting out.
When I got out I looked down at the counter and saw this…
Everything I just mentioned laid out in front of my stool softeners, nipple cream, belly butter, and Dermoplast. And here is what I realized:

How many of us have gone through fertility treatments to get pregnant? How many of us have grown a human inside our womb? How many of us have labored and delivered an actual person? Breastfed? Pumped? Bled for weeks on end? Had our vagina stitched up? And despite all that somehow we’re all still hung up on how much weight we’ve lost post baby?!?! What the hell?!
My body is working overtime (and has been for about 2 1/2 years) to create and care for a new little human. I shouldn’t shame it for not looking like it did when I was 27. My body is beautiful, even covered in maxi pads, and SO IS YOURS.

Let’s have some more compassion for ourselves and for our bodies. Let’s really think about how much we have physically accomplished and put ourselves through. @mybeautifulblunder had a great post yesterday about how her beautiful body represents her long, fraught, beautiful journey. I hope everyone can take a moment today to thank their body for everything it’s gone through and done, even if you might feel like you’re fighting your body in order to conceive. It’s doing the best it can and so are you ♥️


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