Clogged Ducts & Mastitis

Clogged Ducts & Mastitis

So many of us have been here! But that does not make it any more fun! Clogged ducts are no joke, and if they’re not worked on or treated properly (with a little extra TLC + tricks), it can lead to mastitis— which nooooobody wants!

Did you know sleeping regularly on your belly, constructing bras or clothing near the breasts, as well as long periods of time between nursing or pumping sessions can increase your risk for clogged ducts?

Think about the pressure all of this puts on those small ducts. Along with that, fat globules can stick to the sides of the duct + build up against eachother to form a clog. Especially when it’s not getting that forceful ejection with frequent letdowns of milk.

Okay, so Karrie, what are some ways we can help if we end up with one?!
+ FREQUENT feedings + pump sessions (keeping those breasts as “empty” as possible)
+ Utilizing massage & vibration directly on the duct with the back of an electric toothbrush to break up the clog
+ Fill your haaka with warm water + Epsom salts to help vasodilate blood vessels near the area of inflammation, as well as draw out the clog using the suction from the haaka
+ Massage DURING nursing and/or pumping as well as hand expressing AFTER pump sessions/feedings
+ Treat inflammation with an NSAID like ibuprofen, as well as swelling + inflammation with a cold compress between feeds!
+ Sunflower lecithin has been researched to decrease the fat globules’ ability to stick to the sides of the ducts & are more likely to get flushed out with milk letdowns, lessening chances of recurring clogs!

Want more info? Check out my highlight “clogged ducts + mastitis”!

Have you experienced a clogged duct? Were you able to correct it before it turned to mastitis?! Tips for other mamas in what worked best?!

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