10 Things to remember during postpartum

10 Things to remember during postpartum

Two weeks, that’s all it’s been. The firm bump that I once carried quickly became a stretched flap. My breast have changed and I’m trying to feel confident in this whole breastfeeding journey, while also selfishly desiring my body to be my own for a moment. My body slowly has been playing catch up emotionally and physically. I’m a mom of two, wow. What a heavy load that feels but yet such a beautiful load.

I’ve been here before, but the aftermath felt like a total shock. I’m not sure how I bared the strength to push, feeling the fire and pain of bearing life. I guess I didn’t really know how much strength I actually had for that moment.

This is the stage where you have no other choice but to be vulnerable, you are vulnerable. Your body bared life, delivered it and it would make sense to feel like yourself again but you don’t. I’ve had moments of rage from exhaustion and quiet moments of weeping. Some moments I catch myself in extreme anxiety and other times I’ve been present enough to count my blessings. Postpartum can come with a lot of changes, however this time looks for me I hope to remember a few things:

1. Recovery takes time, stop rushing to physically be where you thought you would be.
2. Identify emotions when you feel them, say them out loud.
3. When you feel like you’ve lost yourself in motherhood, write down things you want to accomplish still.
4. Speak life over your mind and body. You are beautiful, powerful and lies have no room in your mind.
5. Enjoy the journey, some much will change about you, your family and community. Embrace it the good and bad.
6. Remember so many have walked this journey before, ask for help… don’t be afraid to say “ you don’t got it”.
7. Your motherhood journey is YOUR OWN! Don’t look at the next mom, you’re doing just as great.
8. Your mental health is important, take care of it. Be honest, all moms have scary thoughts.
9. You won’t always get it right and you might believe that your not a fit mom for your kid, that’s a lie. You are their mom, fit for them.
10. Remember you are more then just a mom. “

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