5 Postpartum Faves

5 Postpartum Faves


welcome to postpartum: where your hormones are jacked + you spend way too much time in the bathroom.🙃

lemme tell you- I bought out the whole postpartum care aisle of target + ended up having to take stuff back because it wasn’t what I ACTUALLY needed.

so to save you from making the same mistake, I’m gonna share 5 postpartum items that actually made a DIFFERENCE.

1️⃣ NURSING BRA. the black one in my hand is a freaking WIN. I still wear them every single day + we’ve purchased more🙌🏽 it comes with a black bra + a pink bra. it’s not padded, but it’s comfy as hell + the bra easily pulls to the side for easy breastfeeding/pumping.

2️⃣ PREP. H SUPPOSITORIES. did I ask for hemorrhoids? nah. did they come? uh, yeah. and not the day after birth- no. they came like 2 weeks later 🙄 it makes sense tho, I just spent over 3hrs pushing a tiny human out of my body + I’m still recovering from that. it happens, it’s not embarrassing, + it’s OKAY.

3️⃣ TUCKS MEDICATED PADS. after every trip to the bathroom, I would line my pad with 2-3 cooling pads + honestly, it felt incredible. they’re medicated + cooling for your vaginal area to heal + soothe. AND THEY WORK SO WELL.

4️⃣ EARTH MAMA PERINEAL SPRAY. let’s be honest, after birth, you just feel “dirty” down there. using this perineal spray after I went to the bathroom helped soothe down there, but also felt like a refresh. it was a cooling herb mist that helped me heal + feel better.

5️⃣ SEVENTH GENERATION PADS. I went through a lot of pads. you have to change one every time you go to the bathroom for almost 6 weeks😳 so, I didn’t want to use pads with harsh chemicals or ingredients. these were the best that I could find + they actually worked- no leaks!

BONUS: sunflower lecithin for breastfeeding mamas, friedamom postpartum underwear, + over the counter compound nipple cream(ask your local pharmacy).

postpartum is not sparkles + glitter + glow. it’s chaffed nipples, lots of blood, bloating, + hemorrhoids. getting things that help you to heal + feel clean make such a difference.

postpartum is a natural journey of your body healing. have grace for your body + take care of your boobs + butt, sister!

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