5 Tips For Your First Postpartum Poop

5 Tips For Your First Postpartum Poop

Oh, that very first postpartum poop!! 😰💩

Something we rarely hear about in detail, before experiencing for ourselves.

And it tends to be even HARDER with your abdominal muscles healing after a cesarean or soreness after vaginal tears.

I remember the first attempts at a bowel movement after each of my csections — the very first one feeling like I was pushing a baby out 😳

The nurses in the hospital only mentioned it would be a little uncomfortable and to remember to take the stool softeners as needed.

But boy oh boy, was it an understatement.

I remember being stuck on the toilet for almost an hour, hearing my baby crying in the other room, and just feeling awful!

My bottom was so sore and I just couldn’t get comfortable on the toilet…praying for relief! 😩

So what can you do to survive that first poop after birth?

💩 Take the stool softener/laxative — not just when you think you need them, take them on schedule. You may even want to check with your doctor about a little milk of magnesia like I was given for more relief.

💩 And although this one is easier said than done, avoid pushing or straining yourself as much as possible — doing so risks injuries

💩 Load up on fiber-rich foods throughout the day including lentils, beans, bran cereals, whole grains, fruits and vegetables

💩 Hydrate — so many benefits to drinking water, including preventing constipation which makes postpartum poop even worse

💩 Finally, one tip that you might not hear much about is to make sure you help your body relax by getting in the proper position —this can be using a foot stool to get in a squat stance which helps to relax muscles and straighten out your colon for easing bowel movements.

Your turn: How was that very first postpartum poop for you?

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