One in a Million

One in a Million

” I took this pic for my personal keepsake and it took me a while to decide if I had the courage to post this. (I like to keep it light on the gram😝) But I figure if I can make myself vulnerable to give 1 person a sense of hope then putting my story out there is well worth it. Fertility or lack there of is a scary, lonely, dark, painful place.

Happy Transfer Day Baby Boy!! In the IVF world it’s the day I got pregnant with you. You literally in every sense of the phrase are 1 in a million.
After 7 months of ‘trying’ and what felt like 100 negative pregnancy tests I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility (what does that even mean?!?) 5 failed IUIs later it was on to IVF. After countless shots, NOT the kind that I prefer, I had grown 10 follicles/eggs only to come out of the retrieval to find out that 7 of them were EMPTY!!! Of the 3 retrieved only 1 grew into an embryo. Then there was a 50/50 chance of that 1 being healthy after going through PGS (genetic) testing. So when we say “Wells, you are our miracle baby” WE. MEAN. IT!!! It took 3 years from wanting you to meeting you. I still look at you every day and pinch myself that you’re OURS and that God blessed us with you, sweet angel!

If you’re ‘trying’ and it’s not happening. Keep you’re chin up & your heart in it. This fertility shit ain’t easy but I can attest that all of the tears & heartache are well worth it and only make holding your sweet babe that much sweeter!
Thanksgiving this year has a whole new meaning to me. I am beyond thankful for my journey and the baby boy that I get to call my son!!”

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